Productivity Analysis

If you’re concerned that employee productivity at your facility may be constrained because of their work environment, Budget Uniform Rental is here to help. We’ll conduct an onsite productivity analysis that will identify issues relating to work uniforms, floors, locker rooms, and restrooms, and how to address them quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Process & What You Get

  1. Initial discovery call
  2. Onsite tour of your facility
  3. Invoice and delivery ticket review
  4. Presentation of our productivity findings and recommendations

Onsite Visit

A Budget Uniform Rental rep will visit your facility to evaluate the following

  1. Work Uniform Review: we examine the quality, condition and material mixture of garments
  2. Shop Towel Review: if you use them, we examine the quality, condition and material mixture of the types of towels being used
  3. Floor Review: we check for dirt, trash, potential hazards, and fatigue exposure
  4. Locker Room Review: we explore the condition of lockers, hanger racks, cleanliness, and how work uniforms are stored
  5. Restroom Review: we check to see what products you use (e.g. whether you use hand cleaner that can clog sinks), level of supplies and if air fresheners are properly placed and being changed regularly

Invoice & Delivery Ticket Review

We make sure that you understand everything on your bill, are not getting over-charged for items that you are not receiving. Click here to learn more

Request a Productivity Analysis

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