Change Your Work Uniform Provider:
You Deserve Better, Get Your Time Back

Do you have any of the following problems with your work uniform rental service provider? These are the most common issues with national providers:

  • Uniform Shortages: caused by lost garments, often because of inaccurate delivery/pickup
  • Lack of Communication: problems are not addressed within days or weeks
  • Billing Problems: large unexplainable increases, being overcharged, not receiving what you’re paying for, missing costly fine print, missing auto-renewal deadlines, etc.
  • Poor Cleanliness: failure to properly clean soiled garments
  • Lack of Timely Replacements: for ripped, threadbare and otherwise damaged garments

Budget’s proactive service ensures that you are happy, always have the uniforms, mats and restroom supplies you need, your employees look great – and they’re not thinking about work uniform issues on a daily basis.

And, when you need something, we respond in less than two hours, then do what it takes to address it quickly.

Why Switch


  • We provide you with the best possible uniform service
  • Our team leaders that have decades of experience in the industry
  • Our route service representatives (drivers) have an average tenure of more than 12 years with our company, and they’re always trusted to provide accurate delivery and pick-up

Unlike the national work uniform providers, you are a valuable customer to us, not a number. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and ability to meet your unique needs.

Transparent Billing

We don’t have mysterious charges on your delivery ticket or invoice, unlike the national providers.

Local & Independent

We’re located in Gardena and are family owned (for three generations) just like many of our customers, and we provide the quality of service that you provide your customers.

Don’t take our word for it – the CSC, which is a national association of independent textile rental suppliers, has conducted market research and has found the following differences between local, independent work uniform rental service providers and our national competitors:

Work Uniform Rental Performance

Work Uniform Rental Customer Service

How We Prevent Common Uniform Issues

  • New wearer quick start guide
  • Special handling
  • Delivery completeness reports
  • Proactive repair service
  • Inspection of product during processing
  • Proactive internal systems that catch 95% of all repairs
  • Inspection of product during processing and by route service representative
  • Spanish communication
  • 2-hour service response policy
  • Service call tracking and follow-up
  • 1-week turn-around ordering for most new hires
  • State-of-the-art wash formulas
  • pH testing
  • Final inspection
  • HACCP compliance
  • Online access to invoice and usage information

The Budget Difference

  • Owner involvement (third generation)
  • Team member experience and longevity
  • Personalized service
  • Customized programs
  • HACCP compliant
  • Vested interest in your company: family & locally owned

Next Steps

  1. Paperwork
  2. Sizing
  3. Merchandise ordered, received and prepared
  4. Installation and transition
  5. Follow-up

Contact us for a quote or to learn more about a work uniform program