Work Uniform Rental Service

Are you looking to start a work uniform program to protect your employees and strengthen your brand image? If so, learn how to get started with no up-front costs.

If you’re using a work uniform supplier, are you ready for a change? Questions to think about:

  • Do your customer-facing employees look sloppy or unprofessional?
  • Are your uniforms in need of repair, threadbare or overdue for replacement?
  • Does your work uniform rental company lose your uniforms or fail to respond to your concerns?
  • Do you need HACCP certified or enhanced visibility work uniforms?
  • Are your work uniforms in need of updating?
  • Is your work uniform provider effectively protecting your employees from COVID-19 and other contagions?
Work Uniform Rental

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact us immediately – you deserve the best quality uniforms and customer service, and Budget Uniform delivers.

Whether you need front office attire, shop floor protection, or field service garments, Budget Uniform has what you need, with a program to fit your requirements.

We Take the “You” out of “Uniforms”

How much time do you spend managing your work uniforms every week? Even if it’s a few hours per week, that’s a few hours too many – actually 50-100+ hours too many over the course of the year, and we know your time can be used far more productively.

For 60 years and three generations, our family’s mission is to provide Los Angeles-area businesses with a high-quality, reliable work uniform program that keeps your employees safe, comfortable and looking great in uniforms that serve as an extension of your brand – without having to invest your time in managing it. That’s our job.

We provide the following for all of our customers:

  • The right work uniforms for your applications (e.g. enhanced visibility, HACCP certified coats) – correctly sized with the addition of your logo (emblem)
  • Two weeks’ worth of uniforms plus one extra set for every employee
  • Weekly delivery of clean work uniforms, and pick-up of soiled ones
  • Weekly pick-up, inspection and repair of soiled uniforms – we repair approximately 1,000 uniforms every week
  • One-week turnaround for the vast majority of repairs and replacements
  • Additional uniforms for new employees and removal for departed employees
  • Proactive monitoring of potential issues by our route service reps
  • A district manager to oversee your account
  • A timely response to any issue and a promise to keep you informed of how we are resolving the issue (if it’s not resolved by the first response)
  • Access to our owner and CEO Steve Shrager, who does ride-alongs to meet with existing and prospective customers
  • Consistent, transparent and ethical billing
  • A Budget Uniform Customer portal where you can track pick-ups, deliveries and view your invoice

Stop Putting Up with Bad Service

If you are one of the many companies throughout Southern California enduring the headaches of dealing with national uniform suppliers whose customer service struggles to compete with a schedule that often requires 30+ deliveries per day and whose billing practices are often as inconsistent as their service, here are three suggestions for getting the quality work uniforms and service you deserve:

  1. Get a Work Uniform Quote: let us know your work uniform and supply needs, including floor mats, dust and wet mops, shop towels, and restroom supplies
  2. Request a Work Uniform Invoice Audit: we can help you identify mistakes and inconsistencies with your work uniform invoice, and offer suggestions for correcting them
  3. Request a Productivity Analysis: we’ll come to your facility and review the ways we can help your employees work more efficiently and safely

Unilease Option: Your Employees Do the Washing

While the ultimate convenience and cleanliness comes with Budget Uniform’s full-service rental program, you may not need all of its benefits. If your work environment won’t show up on TV’s Dirty Jobs, or your field-dispatched employees rarely come into the office, the Budget Uniform Unilease Program may be enough.

In most situations, we supply a week’s worth of uniforms, but your workers take care of the laundering. We make sure the fit is right, make size changes when necessary, and replace worn out garments; your employees are in charge of the rest.

If the Budget Uniform Unilease Program sounds like the right fit for you, contact us today.

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