Food Handling Work Uniform Experience and Certifications

Food industry employees must maintain strict standards for cleanliness, safety and efficiency in the workplace, beginning with the uniforms they wear. The right food processing work uniforms are critical, and leave nothing to chance: providing adequate comfort and flexibility while also meeting industry standards for hygiene and food safety.

With a systematic approach to streamlining employee hygiene and a wide range of innovative food safety solutions, Budget Uniform works with customers in the food industry to ensure compliance with food processing safety, approved through HACCP and the TRSA.

Budget Uniform is Hygienically Clean certified – a rigorous standard overseen by the industry trade group TRSA that requires both facility inspections and ongoing microbial testing of garments.

Reliable Work Uniform Services for Food Safety Standards

Budget can help you achieve or maintain food safety certification through approved third-party programs with safe and reliable uniform rental services, laundering, and delivery.

With consistent compliance to both HACCP and Hygienically Clean requirements, Budget Uniform provides uniforms and services designed to the exacting standards of the food industry: no buttons that could fall off into food, color options that identify workers by designated function or zone, and meticulous processes that include designated soil bins, wash temperatures based on type and degree of soil, and a consistent pick-up and delivery schedule.

Our HACCP trained employees follow strict Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures to ensure proper uniform handling using specialized washing formulas, transportation practices designed to prevent cross-contamination, ATP testing of clean garments and data validation and documentation.

HACCP and Hygienically Clean Work Uniforms for Food Handling

In addition to providing HACCP and Hygienically Clean solutions for enhanced food safety, we are always working to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our operations. Budget Uniform uses a washing system that uses less water, less detergent and is safe for the environment, to ensure your team is dressed for safety and success. We share the same planet and we are committed to protecting it.

Our rental uniforms offer superior convenience, comfort, and functionality that can be customized to the specific needs and style of your business. With a range of products and services designed to help you meet or exceed industrial food processing standards, including managed uniform rental services, hand washing supplies, cleaning supplies and floor mat rental programs, our business is built around providing what you need to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for your employees and your customers.

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