Work Uniforms for Facility Maintenance

No matter how dirty the job, you can keep your employees looking crisp and clean in Budget Uniform’s facility maintenance apparel. We offer high quality, durable work uniform rentals that are made to suit the specific needs of any janitorial or facility maintenance worker. Enhance your overall image and increase brand recognition by presenting a consistent, professional looking work force that can represent your business with pride.

Our full service facility maintenance uniform rental program is the most cost-effective, convenient way to achieve your unique business image objectives. From breathable rental shirts with soil release to cargo pants with a place for all the necessities, Budget Uniform is happy to help you choose the best facility maintenance apparel to provide your workers with optimal comfort and functionality.

Broken button? Ripped seam? You can rest at ease knowing Budget Uniform practices quality control on all of our rental workwear, checking for deficiencies after every pick-up and making any necessary repairs or replacements before delivering your freshly laundered garments, right on schedule.

With a wide range of products and services including facility maintenance uniform rental services, cleaning supply rental programs, hand washing supplies and mat rental programs, Budget Uniform has what you need to maintain a safe, sanitary facility, and get the job done in style. Contact us today to set up a unique uniform and supply rental service program that is guaranteed to strengthen your brand identity, enhance efficiency and save your business both time and money.

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