At Budget Uniform Rental, we have the perfect selection of work uniform rentals for a wide range of industries in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Whether you’re dressing up for the office or keeping your clothes protected in the shop, we have the options you need to suit up for your job.

Work Uniforms: Automotive Repair & Car Dealers
Shirts, pants, coveralls, and shop coats perfect for automotive work. Automotive
Work Uniforms: Facility Maintenance
Facility maintenance work uniforms for hospitality, schools, and other buildings. Facility Maintenance
Work Uniforms: Food Handling
Our collection of food handling shirts, pants, smocks, and lab coats help you meet or exceed industry standards. Food Handling
Work Uniforms: Outdoor Maintenance
Durable work pants and shirts for hospitality, school, and building outdoor maintenance. Outdoor Maintenance
Work Uniforms: Executive
Our executive line of pants and shirts make it easy to look great on the job. Executive
Work Uniforms: Manufacturing
No matter the type of manufacturing, our work pants, shirts and coveralls will meet your needs. Manufacturing
Work Uniforms: Transportation & Warehousing
Work shirts, pants, and shorts offer up plenty of options for transportation and warehouse employees.
Transportation & Warehousing
Work Uniforms: Agriculture
Our range of work uniform rentals will outfit you from head to foot whether you need pants, shirts or coveralls for agricultural employees. Agriculture
Work Uniforms: Service Industries
Look your best for customers and guests in our work shorts, pants, and shirts styled for service industries. Service Industries
Work Uniforms: HVAC/Plumbing
Dressing for the job is easy with work shirts, pants, and coveralls just right for plumbing and HVAC employees. HVAC/Plumbing