Work Uniforms with No Margin for Error

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Work Uniforms with No Margin for Error

The choice of a work uniform is an important one for any business.

But for businesses with specific health and safety needs, it’s more than just a choice. For businesses that produce or distribute food or health products, work uniforms can be critical to the safety of both consumers and employees.

The Right Uniform for Health and Safety

For some industries, uniform requirements are tied to the compliance criteria of regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Work uniforms can be an important link in the chain for safe food handling and production.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines, designed to promote the safe handling and processing of food, incorporate both voluntary and mandatory standards for the food industry. The standards are critical for the prevention of food-borne illnesses, like the recent outbreak associated with contaminated romaine lettuce grown in Arizona that has resulted in at least one death.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

HACCP compliant work uniforms incorporate key safety elements, both in the design of the uniform and in the laundering and sorting process. These may include:

  • No pockets, which can trap bacteria or allow objects to fall into the production area
  • Snap closures, instead of buttons which can also fall off and contaminate products
  • Durable, breathable fabrics that resist fraying or breaking down
  • Separate laundering to avoid cross-contamination from other uniforms
  • Separate water temperature and rinse processes to ensure conditions that will loosen soil and kill disease-causing microorganisms

Because the laundering and handling processes are as important as uniform design, your choice of a work uniform provider is just as important as your choice of a work uniform.

A Commitment as Strong as Your Own

At Budget Uniform, our commitment to providing the highest-quality work uniform service means we take the health and safety of our customers’ products and employees as seriously as if they were our own.

It’s a commitment that has made us the uniform provider of choice for a wide variety of Southern California clients in the food and health industries, from food service and food and beverage manufacturers, to the makers of health products and nutritional supplements.

These are clients who cannot afford to leave their work uniform program to just any provider. They need a provider who recognizes that a work uniform program is about far more than just what their employees wear to work each day.

Clean. Compliant. Complete satisfaction

At Budget Uniform Rental, we have five decades of experience and an unmatched reputation for customer service that includes a commitment to health and safety practices. Our clients rely on us for a uniform program they never have to think about, no matter what kind of uniform program they need.

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