Work Uniform Lockers: Best Practices for Safety and Hygiene

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Work Uniform Lockers: Best Practices for Safety and Hygiene

A high-quality work uniform program requires more than just high-quality work uniforms. At Budget Uniform, quality control means controlling uniform conditions at every step in the process.

Work uniform lockers are an important part of how we ensure the quality and condition of our uniforms. With our locker system, our clients never have to worry about whether their employees have clean, ready-to-wear uniforms, ready to go, even in industries like food and pharmaceutical product manufacturing, where standards and conditions can require employees to change uniforms as often as four or five times a day.

Uniform lockers provide each employee with a supply of clean uniforms, hanging and ready for wear. Locker storage ensures that uniforms stay free of dust or other contaminants and are kept apart from dirty uniforms, which are deposited in a separate soil locker.

The Right Uniform, Delivered on Time, Directly to Your Lockers

We keep a master key to all lockers and clean uniforms are delivered directly to each employee’s locker. A numbering system prevents uniforms from ending up in the wrong locker.

It’s a system designed to keep uniforms fresh and clean. But it also ensures that each employee gets the right uniform, in the right quantity.

That might seem like an obvious point, but we know from experience that missing uniforms are a big problem in other parts of the industry. It’s one of the top reasons why our clients switched to Budget Uniform in the first place.

A uniform delivery that falls short, or one in which an employee receives someone else’s uniforms, is more than just an inconvenience. It’s a disruption. And when it’s chronic, it can lead to employees taking dirty uniforms home to launder them themselves. Home washing machines are not designed for washing professional work uniforms, particularly those with special features like reflective striping or those that require special handling for food, pharmaceutical work or chemical safety.

At Budget Uniform, uniform lockers are an important part of our system for maintaining a high-quality and reliable work uniform service that our clients never have to think about. That’s our job.

We’ve Got High-Quality Rental Uniform Service Locked Down

Here are a few of the ways in which our locker practices contribute to the service we provide:

  • Clean uniforms are delivered to individual lockers, with garment numbers matched to locker numbers
  • Clean garments are separated by type
  • Separate lockers are provided for soiled uniforms with a swinging top so that garments can not be removed
  • Lockers can be designed, at the customer’s request, with sloping tops to prevent anything from being stacked on top that could attract pests

At Budget, everything we do is designed to provide the kind of service our clients can take for granted. If you can’t say the same about your work uniform provider, maybe you should consider joining the many happy clients who left their big national uniform providers to partner with us instead.

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