Will Your Work Uniform Provider Make Sure Your Employees Look Just as Good in 6 Months?

Thursday, August 22, 2019

When you’re doing the hard work of running a business, you need a work uniform company that gets your employees to work looking sharp and professional from day one.

But the real test of how reliable a work uniform provider is often comes later. How do your employees look after a few months have gone by? Work uniforms for tough jobs in manufacturing, equipment repair, machining and other hands-on kinds of work have to stand up to challenging conditions day after day.

That requires a work uniform provider that doesn’t just put your employees into a nice fresh uniform when the ink is still wet on your credit application. It requires a work uniform company with a vigilant process for keeping uniforms in good repair.

Giving clients tags that they can attach to a shirt or pair of pants to let a uniform provider know about a loose seam, a tear or a stain is a convenience, but it’s not a repair process.

A High-Quality Work Uniform Repair Process

We provide tags our clients can use to mark garments for repair. But we believe it’s our job to inspect each garment on a regular basis to ensure that every shirt, coat, coverall, and pair of pants that leaves our facility is in first-rate condition.

After all, you wouldn’t do business with a mechanic who expected you to identify everything that needed work on your car. You want a mechanic who is vigilant and meticulous in watching for wear and tear and spotting the little issues before they turn into a problem so obvious that you could put a tag on it.

That’s the attention to detail you should expect from your work uniform provider as well.

At Budget, almost all of the repairs we make to our uniforms are identified by our team members – things like reflective striping that is starting to lose its effectiveness, seams that need reinforcement, buttons that need tightening or uniforms that are ready for replacement.

Thorough, Reliable, On-Time and Transparent: A Work Uniform Repair Process that Works Like You Do

We repair, on average, over 50,000 garments each year, putting each garment through close inspection when it is in our facility. Teams inspect seams, buttons, reflective striping, and fabric for rips, holes, tears, and frays.

We don’t leave the decision to a single person; separate teams are designated to check garments for quality and wear. The first team identifies repairs. However, if it looks like a garment may need to be replaced, a second team double-checks to confirm.

Garment tracking is our responsibility and it’s one we take very seriously. Our customers are some of the hardest working people in Southern California, and they’ve got jobs that can be pretty tough on a work uniform. It’s our job to make sure their uniform works as hard as they do, projecting a professional and reliable image to their clients, while keeping them safe and comfortable on the job.

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