We’ve Added a New Sales Representative to Our Team

Thursday, March 8, 2018

We’ve Added a New Sales Representative to Our Team

Desiree Mendoza is the newest member of the Budget Uniform family. Our new sales representative grew up in Westchester, now lives in Whittier and has more than a decade of experience in sales in the Southern California area.

According to Mendoza, one of the best things about working for a family-owned business like Budget Uniform Rental is knowing that she can deliver on her promises to customers with confidence, because she’s got the backing of an enterprise that stands for more than just turning a profit – we are part of this community and we’ve got a family legacy behind everything we do.

Mendoza also brings a strong sense of community connection to her role. She is an animal advocate, active in a Downey shelter that works to find homes for German Shepherds.

Is Your Work Uniform Program As Good as It Could Be?

The addition to our sales staff means we can expand upon our no-obligation delivery ticket audits for LA-area businesses who want to be sure that they are getting the uniform service they’re paying for.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Are you getting all of the uniforms and supplies you’re paying for, on time, and in good condition?
  • Do you worry that your floor mats are being returned without having undergone a thorough cleaning?
  • Do you have to spend time trying to track down missing uniforms?

If you’ve got a work uniform rental program that has you still thinking about your work uniforms, you may need a new work uniform rental company.

At Budget, our clients don’t have to worry about whether their employees are able to go to work in high quality, well-maintained work uniforms that arrive on time, in the correct quantity.

If you can’t say the same thing, contact us for an audit. We’ll send one of our representatives to do an analysis of what you’re getting and what you’re paying for, including:

  • Analysis of your delivery ticket to determine if you’re getting everything you’re paying for
  • A walk-through of your facility to determine if you’ve got the right products for your needs

You might be surprised to learn how often we come across problems like missing floor mats, or uniforms that are in poor condition, or orders that come up short.

Those are the kind of problems that leave business owners in the position of having to be in the uniform rental business at the same time they’re trying to run their own.

At Budget, our clients don’t have to think about their work uniform program because that’s our job. And we wouldn’t be doing it if we couldn’t ensure that our clients will never have to think about their work uniform program again.

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