Well-Stocked Restrooms Key to a Safe and Confident Return to Work

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

As the spread of COVID-19 begins to slow, businesses will face a new round of hurdles in establishing the practices that will keep employees safe and confident about a return to the workplace.

Whether you’re in the manufacturing, food processing, or automotive industries, many of the same challenges will apply.

Face coverings and social distancing will play a big role, but what about your work environment? What will you do to make sure that high-traffic areas are as safe as possible for employees?

Post-Pandemic Health and Safety Practices

One area of great concern to employees is the restroom. This is the one space that everyone will use throughout the course of the day. It is also where most of the recommended handwashing will take place.

Thorough handwashing is key in preventing the spread of COVID-19, along with many other health risks.

Before you reopen, you will want to reassess how much hand soap you are going to need. We are all washing our hands even more frequently now, so it stands to reason that you will go through more soap than you did prior to the pandemic.

You also need to be sure you have the right supplies for hand drying. 

Bacteria is more likely to spread from wet skin than dry skin. That’s why hand drying is critically important.

How you dry your hands can play a key role in how effective you are in preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

With some studies suggesting that hot air dryers can deposit bacteria onto the hands, and cloth rollers being a potential source of virus transfer because they can become common-use towels at the end of the roll, our center pull paper towels are a good, hygienic option.

Leave the Restrooms to Us

At Budget, we can help with the job of ensuring that your workplace restrooms stay well-stocked, with a reliable and cost-effective supply of soap, bath tissue, paper towels, air fresheners, floor mats, and hand sanitizer that you never have to worry about.

To learn more about how a reliable, high-quality work uniform provider can help with the process of ensuring a safe return to the workplace, give us a call or click on the link below.

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