We Want to Be Your Local Work Uniform Supplier

Monday, December 11, 2017

We Want to Be Your Local Work Uniform Supplier

The work uniform rental business is very personal to us. If we don’t do our job well, someone else can’t do theirs. Not someone on the other side of the country, but someone right here in Los Angeles.

That’s a responsibility we take very seriously. At Budget Uniform Rental, our general manager is in the field almost every day. Our CEO Steve Shrager rides a route at least four times a year. “It’s still a very personal business,” Shrager says. “You need to know the clients.”

We’re Not Just in the Uniform Rental Business

We’re not just invested in the work uniform rental business – we’re invested in the trucking business, and the automotive repair business, the pest control industry, and the plumbing business. We’re invested in bakeries and landscaping companies and food service and aerospace. We’re invested in every kind of business that our customers depend on us for in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Our mission goes beyond supplying uniforms. We’re here to solve problems that allow our clients to go about their business without having to think about work uniforms. We’re partners. That’s not something you can get from just any work uniform rental company.

It’s a Local Thing

It’s not enough to provide high quality rental work uniforms. It’s about providing high quality work uniform rental service – and doing it consistently. That is, in no small way, a local thing.

Our uniforms arrive clean and in good repair, on time, and without any missing garments, from our headquarters just a short commute away. We don’t shuttle them from location to location for cleaning or repair like the big national uniform companies.

Our routes go out complete, delivered by route representatives with an average tenure of nine years. These route reps know their business – and they know the business of every client on their routes.

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