Types of Uniforms that Work in the Rental Apparel Business

Friday, August 4, 2017

Types of Uniforms that Work in the Rental Apparel Business

Renting uniforms for technicians has become a developing trend for businesses looking for an affordable solution to branding their business. Whether you’re a commercial/private business such as a plumbing business, pest control/exterminator, or HVAC repair technician, they all operate in a service industry. All their uniform is branded by having their personal name, and company name applied to it.

Plumbing and HVAC technicians have equipment and tools to consider, when evaluating their typical work environment Their equipment needs to help them stay comfortable when getting around attics and crawl spaces. They also may require protective equipment which includes reflective striping and headgear when they’re around construction sites to mitigate any chances of injury. Some companies prefer color coded uniforms to help determine where workers are located on a large worksite.  This assists management in assuring everyone is in the right spot at the right time.

Pest control technicians have various sorts of equipment to consider as well. They’re required to wear uniforms and protective equipment that will help safeguard them from harsh environments as well as allow other people to know who they work for. There are significant differences in the type of uniform a pest control technician may wear depending on the type of pest they are attempting to eradicate. Most commonly termite control workers might wear a work shirt or branded polo. Others, who spray for termites might wear full coveralls for ultimate protection.

Commercial service technician uniforms are the best type of defense against any mishaps that may occur. They must be trained to work and maintain on various types of manufactured systems. Their job is to keep things operating properly. Typically, their uniforms are coveralls. Coveralls help keep the technician tidy and makes them identifiable from other individuals in a manufacturing environment. Also, coveralls usually have the company logo around the chest on the uniform and/or on his or her sleeve.

Budget Uniform Rental has been uniting people and maintaining clean laundered uniforms since 1959. When an employee is out of uniform it looks like they don’t belong. But when everyone is wearing one unified image, you can tell who they are and where they are from. It also helps to protect them during whatever task they are performing. Plus, uniforms certainly make getting dressed in the morning a much easier task.

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