Top 5 Regrets of Working with a National Uniform Provider

Friday, July 17, 2020

If managing problems with your work uniform program has you feeling like you’ve taken on a second job, you are not alone.

We hear from far too many business owners about the problems they experienced after signing on with a big, impersonal, national uniform provider whose customer service peaked just before the signature was added to their order.

And while psychologists describe regret as a negative emotion, other people’s regrets can serve as a useful warning. Here are the five biggest regrets we hear from business owners who left – or want to leave – their national uniform providers.

1. The Uniforms Don’t Look – or Feel – Right

A work uniform that doesn’t feel or look right is a liability on every level. If your provider can’t provide clean, well-kept and comfortable uniforms day after day, you’ve got the wrong provider. If you are hearing complaints from your employees, take them seriously. There could be an underlying issue with the garment.

2. The Prices Just Keep Going Up…

Inexplicable, steady billing increases with “fees” that just don’t add up or invoices that leave you scratching your head are more than just a sign that you may be paying too much; they’re a huge imposition on your time. If your relationship with your work uniform provider is costing you too much time in addition to too much money, you have the wrong provider.

3. Your Provider (and the Uniforms) Are MIA

Missing uniforms are an enormous source of disruption and a common complaint. Worse, however, is when such complaints repeatedly go ignored. Now you’re doing the work you paid your uniform provider to do.

4. Your Employees are On Time, but the Uniforms are Tardy

Your work uniforms should always be awaiting your employees, not the other way around. Big national providers who can’t maintain on-time deliveries are an enormous source of frustration.

5. The Uniforms are in Poor Condition

Repair processes are another common source of complaints. If your work uniform provider doesn’t carefully inspect and maintain your uniforms, you’re not getting much value out of the relationship. Worse, you may be putting your employees at risk and tarnishing your company’s image.

You Deserve a No-Regrets Work Uniform Partner

If your current partner isn’t doing the job you pay them to do, it’s time to find a partner who will.

Located in Southern California, Budget Uniform is a family-owned and operated uniform provider with a higher standard of customer service that comes from being part of the same community as our customers, as well as three generations of family pride.

It’s no accident that so many of our customers left the big national providers and never looked back. We work hard to earn their business on the day they sign with us – and every day after that – with reliable service, transparent billing, and high-quality work uniforms.

To learn more about what a well-run work uniform program can do for your business, give us a call or click on the link below.

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