Time for a Work Uniform Revamp?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Work Uniform Upgrade & Revamp

When was the last time your employees received upgraded work uniforms?

If you’re multiple years into your current uniform program, or have renewed it a few times without receiving replacement uniforms, your uniforms may be too old and worn to optimize your company’s branding, to maximize employee morale and may actually put your employees at risk.

Signs You Need a Uniform Upgrade

Here are four telltale signs that a revamp is needed.

If your uniforms:

  1. Look like they are from 1979
  2. Look worn, drab and dreary
  3. Have outdated branding or lack branding altogether
  4. Are threadbare, have holes or are otherwise in need of repair

Rethinking Your Uniforms

Don’t just replicate what you’ve done in the past: revamping your uniform program is a good opportunity to rethink what your employees need:

Never Put Up with Worn Uniforms Again

When Budget Uniform customers have a garment that needs repair, we don’t solely rely upon having your employees identify the damage with a tag like most other uniform services. That’s only one way—and not necessarily the best way—of handling repairs. Imagine taking your car in for repair and having to tag every part that needs work or the mechanic won’t fix it…

We add an additional, and more reliable step: we inspect every garment that comes in and proactively repair any damage that we discover. It’s our job to review your work uniforms to ensure your employees look great – you’ve got enough on your plate. In fact, we repair about 12,000 garments on average, every year. When our customers incur damage to their uniforms or notice something we don’t, we do supply them with tags – over 90% of uniform damage is identified and repaired by our staff, and 10% is identified by our customers.

One example: we proactively replace the reflective stripes on enhanced visibility uniforms to help ensure your employees are highly visible and safe.

Uniform Branding

Trivia question: which well-known service uses work uniforms that are all brown with their logo in yellow? Hint: the color was chosen to be the same color as the Pullman sleeping carClick here for the answer…

If you have employees in the field, they are the face of your company. If they look shoddy or drab, how do you think people perceive your company?

Additionally, what do your customers think when they see your employees in uniform? Are they instantly recognizable? If not, we can help. We offer imprinted and embroidered logos (emblems) and can even design one for you if needed.

You Deserve Better

Don’t put up with shoddy old uniforms and pants that might rip the next time you sit down. Contact us so we can help you rethink and revamp your uniforms.

We also perform an invoice review to identify mysterious charges and a productivity analysis to identify other issues relating to work uniforms as well as your floors, locker rooms, and restrooms. We will show you how to correct problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Request a quote today for work uniforms, floor mats and restroom supplies