The Right Work Uniform Provider Makes a Big Difference for Busy Auto Repair Shop

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

When you find a trustworthy and reliable auto repair shop, you breathe a sigh of relief and you keep their contact information where you won’t lose it. Then, if you’re the generous type, you share your find with all your friends and co-workers.

That’s how Rollings Automotive in Fullerton, Calif. has grown its business since 1974, with a customer base for its foreign and domestic automotive repair service that is 85% referrals.

There are no shortcuts for building that kind of customer loyalty. It requires a commitment to customer service built around a clear understanding of your customer’s needs. And unfortunately, it can be hard to find. It’s a lesson Rollings learned the hard way about work uniform service. When their previous national uniform provider failed to tune up its sloppy service, the company knew it was time for a replacement.

The service was “unconscionable,” said business manager Scarlett Methner. “The techs looked dirty and sloppy. It was a miserable situation that despite assurances, nothing changed except the invoices. They got higher and higher.”

Worse was the time spent fruitlessly trying to track down clean uniforms. In the end, Methner said, she just stopped calling because she had her own work to do.

“If I am paying you for a service, I shouldn’t have to manage you or call you. Any time spent (doing that) is too much time.” Methner said.

A Work Uniform Provider that Delivers on Its Promises

When the situation did not improve, Methner turned to Budget Uniform. Among other things, Methner says she liked the fact that Budget is family-owned.

The Budget team, she said, left her feeling reassured.

The salesman “did such a good job when he came to meet with us,” said Methner. “He’s delivered on everything he said they’d do.”

Great Customer Service Starts with the Route Rep

She attributes much of their positive experience to their Budget route representative.

“Our driver is like a ray of sunshine. He greets everyone by name with a big smile and delivers not only the goods, but an invoice reflecting the agreed-upon price as well.”

It’s a big change, Methner said, from the dread she used to experience on delivery day, wondering if uniforms would arrive dirty or clean, or if they would arrive at all.

With Budget, she says, the service  is seamless and she never has to worry about how employees will look.

“Budget is great,” she said.  “The techs look terrific.”  The uniforms, she said, “come back perfect.”

If “perfect” seems like a high standard for a work uniform company, well, we have high standards. Just like our clients. We don’t believe they should have to put up with customer service that doesn’t meet the same high-quality efforts they provide to their own customers.

If your work uniform provider leaves you having to worry about work uniforms when you should be focused on your own business, you’ve got the wrong work uniform provider. Give us a call or click on the link to learn more about what you can expect from the right work uniform provider.

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