‘The Best Uniform Company I’ve Ever Worked With’

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Best Uniform Company I’ve Ever Worked With

As the service director in one of Southern California’s busiest Toyota dealerships, Kevin Young’s office is nothing but traffic. There is always someone or something that needs his attention.

So having a work uniform program that doesn’t need his attention is something he still raves about, nearly a year since signing on as a customer of Budget Uniform.

“They’re the best uniform company I’ve ever worked with,” he says.

Young says a decision last year by three affiliated Southern California auto dealerships to switch to Budget Uniform was an easy one. After a presentation about ten months ago, managers from all three locations agreed that Budget was the right choice. “I’m told it was unanimous,” he said. There was simply no comparison with the big national company the dealerships were using before, Young said.

From Complacency & Missing Buttons to Service that Doesn’t Miss

Young says when a local company the Pasadena dealership had been using was taken over by a big national uniform provider, “the service just fell apart.” From “dilapidated” uniforms to missing garments, Young said the problems were met with total complacency from the provider.

Employees grew increasingly frustrated as shirts came back with repair tags on them, but no repairs. One worker resorted to stapling his shirt sleeve because of the provider’s months-long failure to replace missing buttons. Other employees were saving dirty uniforms in their lockers to take home and wash themselves when garments weren’t delivered on time or went missing.

It was a disruptive process – and one Young said he experienced at every location he worked where a national provider had the uniform contract. “I’ve been in the industry a long time and they always say ‘we don’t lose garments.’ Then I’d say,’how come I have other people’s garments in my lockers on a regular basis?'”

That, says Young, “has never happened with Budget.”

The Search for a Uniform Provider Who Can “Get it Right”

Young says the dealership puts a lot of demands on its uniform provider, with about 75 people in uniform every day, including more than 30 technicians whose uniforms require constant updating of patches that designate the various training and certification levels they have earned. Budget, he says, has a one week turn-around time for getting new patches on.

“Their process for upgrading is better than anybody I’ve ever met,” he said. And, he added, “I do expect a lot.” At a dealership, Young says, customers expect a higher level of service than they can get by bringing their car into a local auto parts franchise. And Young expects his uniform program to reflect that same level of service and attention to detail.

“We’re in the people business, not the car business,” Young says.

The people at Budget Uniform, he says, hold themselves to the same high standards, from the CEO, who provides his cell phone number to his customers, to Budget’s drivers, who, Young notes, tend to be long-term employees.

“It’s the service they’re providing,” Young says. With 40 years in the auto industry, Young says he’s worked with every national uniform provider in the country. “Budget is the only one who can get that right.”

At Budget Uniform, we love to hear feedback like that. But we don’t ever take it for granted. We go to work every day knowing that our job is to make sure our clients don’t ever have to worry about their work uniform program. If that’s the kind of work uniform program you could use, we’d love to be your work uniform provider too.

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