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Details Make the Difference in a Work Uniform Program You Can Trust

On the home page of our website, we ask a very important question: “Is Managing Work Uniform Problems Your Second Job?” If the answer is “yes,” you know how important attention to detail is when it comes to keeping a work uniform program running smoothly. And how much time it takes away from focusing...

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The Real Price of At-Home Work Uniform Laundering

Some small and mid-size businesses see themselves as having two options for laundering work uniforms: a professional service or the take-home method. But while letting your employees wash their own uniforms might seem simpler or less expensive, it’s usually neither. And when you factor in the risks to health, safety and your company’s image,...

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Cheers to the New Year

Where did the time go? It’s a brand new year and the beginning of a milestone year for us at Budget Uniform: We are getting ready to celebrate our 60th anniversary. We’ve proudly spent the past six decades dedicated to the art and science of providing Southern California businesses with a high-quality and reliable...

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A Reliable Work Uniform Program is No Small Thing on a Dirty Job

Reliable Uniform Service is No Small Thing on a Dirty Job | Budget

There might be dirtier jobs than the repair of hydraulic cylinders and hoses used on heavy equipment and machinery, but there aren’t too many of them. “I’m sure there are worse, but we’ve got to be up there,” says Robert Lawson, owner of Fluid Tech Hydraulic Services in Pomona. “On a scale of 1...

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