Budget Uniform Rental in the Service Industry

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Budget Uniform Rental in the Service Industry

Business owners face many costs. This is true regardless of the size of the business. So it is vitally important that businesses make the right decisions to ensure that the most cost-effective decisions are taken. When it comes to uniforms this can be tricky because there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Many people argue that the right move is to purchase all of its uniforms upfront, and this might seem like the most cost-effective option. However, when evaluating whether or not a company should rent vs. direct purchase, a business should look at more than just the upfront cost of purchasing the uniforms. There is also the cost of laundering the uniforms, repairing any that have become damaged and replacing worn out uniforms. When all that is taken into account uniform rental is often the better decision, especially because it means businesses do not need to hire an employee to manage their uniforms on top of everything else. This is especially true of businesses involved in the food processing services, facility services and automotive industry where uniforms are soiled at a much higher rate than many other business sectors.

First impressions and appearance are vitally important. Uniforms are a big part of a business’s image. Uniform rental in the facility maintenance services, for instance, ensures that the business’ staff turn up to their jobs in freshly laundered, and well-maintained uniforms. This makes a very good first impression on clients and helps create and maintain a great relationship with your clients.

There are other specific industries that lend themselves well to uniform rental. Uniform rental and the automotive industry go hand-in-hand. Employees in the automotive industry are exposed to much higher levels of oil, grease, and dirt than most other sectors. This creates the potential for a very high laundry and maintenance bill. These costs are removed for businesses in the automotive industry by renting uniforms. The rental arrangement includes the costs of laundering and maintaining the uniforms. Similarly, uniform rental for the food processing (HACCP) sector makes sense. Uniforms in the food processing (HACCP) sector are designed to have excellent soil release. Without uniform rental, businesses in this sector face large costs for removing food stains and replacing tattered uniforms. A final example of a sector where the uniform rental is a good idea is the facility services. Uniform rental and the facility services work well; because, like the automotive, food processing and cleaning services, the employee’s uniforms are exposed to more dirt and dust, among other things, than many other sectors.

So if you have a business and are looking to reduce your uniform purchasing and care costs then uniform rental–especially for automotive, cleaning, food processing (HACCP) and facility services–is a very good option.

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