Save Money and Get the New Year off to the Right Start with a Work Uniform Audit

Friday, January 15, 2021

These are challenging times for everyone, no matter what line of business you are in, but that’s no reason to put up with overpriced or unreliable work uniform service.

As you happily turn the page on 2020, resolve to leave your work uniform challenges behind as well: don’t pay for service that doesn’t measure up.

Here are a few red flags that suggest you may have the wrong work uniform provider:

  • Lost or damaged garments that appear on your invoice without your knowledge
  • Mysterious fees or invoice surprises
  • Missed weekly deliveries
  • Customer “service” that leaves you hanging

At Budget Uniform, we have a vested interest in the success of our customers, who are part of a community we have served for over 60 years.  Our commitment to our customers reflects the values of our family ownership going back three generations. In short, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated, with reliable, high-quality service, responsive communication, and transparent billing practices. It’s not complicated, and yet – we hear from prospects all the time about how other work uniform providers ­­ put profits over people.

Make Your Needs Count with the Right Work Uniform Provider

Unfortunately for the customers of these providers, when things start going wrong, it’s ‘take a number.’ When it comes to invoices, it’s more like ‘guess the number.’

And there are many reasons why you may be paying too much, from garments or supplies that go undelivered, to mystery charges on your invoice, to services that are poorly provided.  We’ve heard it all, from grateful customers who wish they had found Budget sooner.  And while we love a compliment as much as anyone, we don’t believe that providing reliable, responsive and high-quality service is going above and beyond. That’s the least you should be able to expect.

Our benchmark is higher. We want to be a work uniform provider whose high-quality service is something you never have to think about.  If you’re spending time managing or worrying about your work uniform service, you’ve got the wrong provider.

Are you getting what you deserve from your uniform provider?

If you suspect your work uniform provider has more important things to do than ensuring that you don’t have to think about your work uniform service, we can help.

Our complimentary work uniform audit will let you go into the new year with the knowledge you need to make a change for the better. Let our team review your program and show you what you’re really spending on work uniforms.

Do more in 2021 with a work uniform provider that gets it right from the start. Happy New Year!

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