Sanitation in the Workplace

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sanitation in the Workplace

Budget Uniform Rental Facility Maintenance Programs:

The workplace is where you spend the majority of your day so it is clear that it should be an environment free of germs and illnesses. However, not every workplace is sanitized in the correct way and more often than not, bacteria and viruses are taken home with employees. There are easy ways for you to ensure that your health is taken care of at the workplace and that your employees are motivated to keep the office clean. Here are a few tips that you can implement in order to help foster a  healthy environment.

Hand Washing Supplies

The very first and easiest rule to follow is that your hands should be clean at all times. This does not only mean that you should wash your hands with soap after a toilet visit, but that you should maintain cleanliness throughout the day. A great way to start this would be to install hand sanitizer dispensers in and around the office. This would make it easy for people to quickly give their hands a quick clean before heading out to a meeting or heading out for lunch.

Restroom Supplies

Restroom sanitation is extremely important in any situation and the appropriate restroom supplies should be installed as soon as possible. Make sure that every stall in the restroom has a sanitary bin and that this is cleaned out regularly. There should be enough soap dispensers in the restroom filled with soap. Air fresheners should be replaced once empty and put in an easy-to-reach place. For those who are a bit more invested in their bathroom habits, make sure that an ample supply of seat covers are available for each toilet stall.

Janitorial Supplies

Any communal area that you or your co-workers might frequent needs to be cleaned as often as possible. This is especially important for the kitchen area, if you have one, and the smoking room of your office building. No one wants to sit next to an ashtray with yesterday’s cigarette butts or at a table with leftover egg smears on the benches. A good idea would be to ensure that your janitorial staff has the proper wiping towels so that the communal areas always look in tip top shape.

Sanitation Supplies

If you work in an office or in a cubicle, it is your responsibility to keep things clean at all times. Invest in furniture polish, a good broom and waste basket so that you can get rid of rubbish before it piles up. Disinfectant works well if you work with or close to food during the day.

Maintenance Supplies

The best way to get your staff members to start working along with your sanitation policy is to install informational signs throughout the office; offering everyone tips on how to keep things looking tidy Place them at an eye-level height where it can be seen easily and encourage employees to take charge of their health.

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