Safety in Uniforms: When the Right Work Uniform Program is not an Option

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Maintaining safety in the work place is a high stakes challenge. Companies with a poor track record of managing safety risks are penalized with higher workers’ compensation premiums and can face serious penalties under state and local worker safety regulations.

But the best reason for evaluating your safety practices at the beginning of each year is to make sure you are doing everything you can to help protect the safety of your employees and customers.

A reliable and effective work uniform program is an important element of workplace safety. For many businesses, it’s not an option. In the food service industry, for example, the right uniform can help ensure that food products are not exposed to harmful pathogens, debris or the prospect of stray items falling into a production area. Likewise for industries like pharmaceuticals.

The right uniform can also help protect workers from the dangers of working around moving vehicles or in low lighting, or near equipment that can catch or entangle loose clothing. Work uniforms also help protect employees working at offsite locations, by identifying them as professionals who belong where they are. There are many good reasons to consider a work uniform program for your employees, but safety tops the list.

Three Ways Uniforms Can Help Increase Safety

  • Food Safety:  Uniforms used in food production include Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HCCP) Compliant work uniforms designed with features like elastic cuffs and pocket-free design to help protect against loose objects falling into production areas. They are also made with fabric that can stand up to deep cleaning.
  • Enhanced visibility: For warehouse workers, roadside workers and other employees in the field, enhanced-visibility work garments can help greatly reduce the risk of injury.
  • Improved Hygiene: A high-quality work uniform program helps ensure that garments are thoroughly laundered and kept in good repair.

At Budget Uniform, we can help you design the work uniform program that works for you, with reliable and cost-effective service that will leave you free to focus on other tasks – with the confidence that your employees go to work each day in safe, clean and comfortable work uniforms.

Safety Beyond the Uniform

Customized safety apparel can go a long way, but that’s not all you can do to ensure a safe working environment. A mat rental program will help keep your floor mats clean and in optimal condition, which can decrease the risk of slip-and-fall injuries, help keep dirt out of the workspace, improve workspace appearance, and more.

While easy to overlook, the right floor mat system can serve literally as the foundation of a clean and healthy work environment. Protecting your employees with improved air quality and the benefits of anti-fatigue mats can reduce the risk and discomfort associated with long periods of standing. Additionally, we provide:

  • Standard mats that trap dust and dirt
  • Scraper mats with grease-resistant rubber to remove grime from shoes
  • Logo mats that are custom-made to display your logo or a safety message.

To learn more about how a reliable work uniform program and floor mat system can enhance safety and professionalism in your business, give us a call or click on the link below.

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