Rental Mats for a Safer, Cleaner Workplace

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rental Mats for a Safer, Cleaner Workplace

Imagine having floor mats in your workplace that spread dirt around instead of keeping it out. Or floor mats that made you more likely to trip, instead of making it safer.

It’s unfortunate but true: You can buy your own floor mats at Home Depot or the hardware store, but you won’t be able to keep them clean. Vacuuming removes only 10% of trapped dirt. And when you try to launder them yourself, you’ll end up with mats that never lay flat again – if they ever did in the first place.

Buying floor mats at a retail store can seem like a good idea when you’re looking at the price tag. But when you look at what you’re really getting for your money, it’s a proposition that quickly falls flat – especially when compared to renting them and having them thoroughly cleaned, weekly.

Rental Floor Mats You Never Have to Clean

High quality floor mats are an important part of keeping your workplace safe and clean. Keeping them clean is an important part of maintaining their effectiveness – helping prevent falls, keeping dirt and grease from spreading throughout work areas, and even dissipating static electricity.

At Budget Uniform Rental, our rental mats won’t let you down. They’re durable, high quality and hassle-free.

And you never have to worry about keeping them clean and in good repair because that’s our job. We pick them up for professional laundering and return them cleaned – not merely shaken out.

These mats are made of high quality fibers designed to trap dirt and soil and help prevent it from being tracked around. For a closer look, see the video below. Rubber grips underneath create a slip-resistant surface and keep the mats in place. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these mats will do the job so you can do yours with one less thing to worry about.

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