Why you should put your staff’s work uniforms in our hands?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why you should put your staff’s work uniforms in our hands?

You have plenty of great reasons to supply work uniforms for your staff. Not just because they need to be safe, protected, comfortable and compliant, but because work wear gives your employees a sense of team spirit and creates a cohesive workplace community.

Your employees are your most valuable asset and work uniforms can help create and sustain an attractive image for your brand. But apart from providing free advertising, it may also be that your staff work clothing needs to provide more practical functions like protection and wearer safety. Specific styles or colors may be used to identify who does what or who works in specific areas. For the food or healthcare industries work clothing may be needed to prevent cross-contamination.

Finally, rental of work clothing can save your company money. In addition, they can promote a sense of company pride and responsibility and convert employees into brand ambassadors when outside the workplace.

But the problem of keeping your staff’s work clothes clean, smart and presentable is unavoidable. How you choose to handle it could make the difference between your work uniforms being a benefit for staff or a nuisance. When it comes to laundering, work wear you should consider a company that can not only wash, dry and return your work uniforms but does so in ways that minimises your impact on the environment.

Large scale efficient laundering is a safe, fast and sustainable way to re-use work clothing to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. Yes your employees could take their work wear home and do the laundering themselves. But we would argue that not only does this put the reliability of their individual items of uniform at risk (with the best will in the world not everyone reads fabric care instructions!) it is probably the least eco-friendly way of keeping your employees work wear clean, hygienic and fit for purpose. And yes you could install washing machines and dryers on your own premises to do your staff laundry. But unless yours is a large scale, eco-friendly laundry operation, the additional energy bills and the risk of contaminants from detergent getting into the water table makes such a practice unsustainable.

By putting the supply, care and re-use of your staff’s work uniforms in our hands, you can be confident of partnering with a green work clothing company in Los Angeles that has yours and the environment’s best interests at heart. This is not a contradiction. We have taken great strides to ensure that our operation minimises the consumption of energy and water by using high-capacity washing, drying and wrinkle-removal equipment. The products we use and the processes we employ are chemical free and health conscious and we work hard to conserve our use of natural resources.

We are not only known throughout Southern California for years of quality service as the region’s premier uniform rental and supply company, we also take pride in taking our own environmental footprint into account.  Being environmentally sensitive is a good fit for our customers and the planet. Get a free quote on how we can help you save money and bring more to the bottom line.

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