Budget Uniform Plumbing and HVAC Uniforms

Monday, October 17, 2016

Budget Uniform Plumbing and HVAC Uniforms

Clients like their contractors to be quick, efficient and professional. This is true regardless of the client; whether they are an individual or a large company. Appearance has a big impact on first impressions, which can help plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) companies trying to secure client’s business in the first place, and continue to have an impact on the client’s perception of the plumbing or HVAC company’s professionalism. Each employee acts as an ambassador for the company. It is therefore very important for employees to show up to work in clean, well-maintained uniforms.

However, it is very difficult for employees of plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning businesses keep their uniforms clean and neat. These jobs tend to expose the employees to more dirt and water than others– and can mean that uniforms need to be laundered after each and every hard day’s work. This can be very expensive for businesses, especially if they own all their uniforms. Making cost efficient decisions is of vital importance to any business. When it comes to uniforms it may appear that the most cost effective decision is to buy employee uniforms; rather than pay a recurring rental bill. However, once a business has bought the uniforms it must also pay for them to be laundered, maintained and replaced when the uniforms become damaged or too worn. Or worse yet, when an employee unexpectedly leaves the company, the business is now saddled with storing the unused uniforms that were purchased specifically for that individual.  Likely, those stored uniforms never see the light of day—and that’s money out the door.

In the plumbing and HVAC industries, it makes sense to rent uniforms. Laundering the uniforms alone is a big cost. When uniforms are rented then the cost of laundering and maintaining the garments is taken on by the uniform rental company. This means uniform rental makes sense for businesses whose employees are exposed to more grime, dust, dirt and water than most. These issues are often compounded in California and hotter areas like Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Burbank, Gardena and Torrance, where there is an increased amount of dust—and of course sweat.  Uniform rental ensures that a plumbing or HVAC business’ employees are smart and clean at an affordable price. It’s not only plumbing and HVAC businesses that go down this route. In Los Angeles uniform rental is a very popular choice for many other types of businesses, as well as r many other parts of California. In Santa Ana and Burbank uniform rental is increasing in popularity as more and more businesses make the switch from buying their own uniforms to renting them. If your plumbing or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business are paying a small fortune for owning and maintaining its uniforms then rental could be the sensible option.

So why not look into uniform rental today? It is often the most cost-effective decision a plumbing or HVAC business can make. Many other industries whose workers are exposed to more dirt than most (automotive and heavy manufacturing industries, for example) rent their uniforms, as do many plumbing and HVAC businesses.

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