Plumbers Awash in Well-Deserved Perks

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Plumbers Awash in Well-Deserved Perks

It’s not a glamorous job. The perks, on the other hand, are starting to look pretty sweet.

A labor shortage, along with the never-ending demand for their services, has created a job market for plumbers in which companies are offering an array of perks The Wall Street Journal describes as “throwing the kitchen sink” at prospective hires.

From Hawaiian vacations to on-site craft beer offerings, the plumbing industry, it seems, is flush with benefits every bit as creative as those famously offered by California’s tech giants, the newspaper reports.

Plumber’s Perks: Game Rooms & Yoga Studios

A St. Paul plumbing and air conditioning service has both a game room and a quiet room, complete with a couch, recliner and a soothing soundtrack.  In Colorado, the plumbers at Neuworks Mechanical Inc. enjoy everything from on-site craft beer and espresso to a putting green. There’s talk of adding a yoga studio.

Other recruiters are dangling concert tickets, signing bonuses and use of a company-owned beach house. And why not?

At Budget Uniform, the plumbers, HVAC contractors, electricians and pest control specialists who wear our work uniforms across Southern California are among the hardest working people we know –  an army of heroes who show up to save the day, day after day. We can’t think of anyone more deserving of a generous package of perks for their efforts.

We Get Heroes to Work in High-Quality Work Uniforms

Getting them to work every day in a high-quality work uniform makes us feel like heroes too – or maybe just the sidekick who keeps the secret weapons in working order. For plumbers, our secret weapon is the coverall that lets them show up looking like a hero, complete a dirty job, and go back to looking like a hero when it’s finished.

As a third-generation, family-owned business, we take pride in being the work uniform provider of choice for an industry that goes out of its way to provide its employees with the best working conditions possible.

While not as exciting, maybe, as an on-site beer tap, a safe, comfortable and effective work uniform program is a key part of creating a great work environment.

Our clients have big jobs to do. That does not include worrying about their work uniforms. That’s our job. If your work uniform provider has you trying to be a hero and having to worry about your work uniforms at the same time, you’ve got the wrong work uniform provider.

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