Our Route Reps Run Circles around the Competition

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our Route Reps Run Circles around the Competition

At Budget Uniform Rental, we’re not just a family-owned work uniform business, we’re family.

That may be why we don’t have the turnover issues that plague some of the big national rental companies, where the average tenure of a route representative is about 18 months.

Our route service representatives have been with us an average of nine years. We’re incredibly proud and grateful to have built a company where employees don’t just stick around – they plan to retire here. They are a source of continuity, consistency and credibility that impacts everything we do.

Experienced Employees & Reliable Service

Reliable and dedicated route service representatives play a big role in our business. They deliver the kind of personal service that our customers have relied on for almost 60 years. There’s a sense of accountability that goes way beyond what you’d expect.

Experienced, knowledgeable and invested employees means that our customers don’t have to be in the uniform business. They don’t have to worry about missing uniforms, or mats that are still dirty when returned, or invoices that don’t add up. They don’t have to explain themselves over and over because their service representative is the same service representative, week after week.

We do business that way because it’s part of a family legacy. We don’t just want your business – we want to earn your business.

How Do We Compare?

Are you happy with your work uniform provider, from their route drivers to reliability to billing practices?

If you’re using another work uniform rental company and you’re still thinking about work uniforms, you might have the wrong company.

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