Meet the Newest Members of the Budget Uniform Family

Monday, June 14, 2021

Our newest team members are on the job and we’re very proud to introduce them.

As a third-generation, family-owned work uniform company, there is a long tradition of customer service behind the Budget team and when we’re growing, we look for team members who share our pride in helping workers across Southern California get to work safely, comfortably and looking professional.

Our new district manager Brian Cocking is a Southern California native who joined Budget after years of experience with a big national uniform provider where he ran a division that grew to 16 routes at one point.

“It was good experience,” he says, but at Budget, he enjoys being able to provide more personal service than he could at a $7 billion national corporation.

“I have a lot more time to develop relationships with my customers,” Cocking says. Working with a smaller, local team in an independent family-owned business is a good fit for a lot of reasons, he says, including the fact that the CEO doesn’t just know his name, he’s right there. “If I want to talk to the guy who signs my paycheck, Steve (Shrager) is 15 feet away from me.”

Born and raised in the South Bay area of Southern California, Cocking is a big sports fan who, when he is not working or cheering for the home team, enjoys riding bikes in Redondo Beach with his wife.

Our New Route Service Representatives Love Helping Businesses Succeed

Route Service Representative Isaac Silva also brings a lot of industry experience to the job, having spent 11 years in route sales, customer service and marketing for one of the industry’s biggest companies.

He also enjoys the extra time that working for a local, independent company allows him to spend with his customers. “When you just have that one extra minute,” he says, it can make a difference. It gives him time to be sure he is providing the turnkey service that busy customers need and letting them know they are appreciated.  “You can say thank you,” he says.

When he’s not working, he enjoys hiking and spending time with his family, which includes two adult children, as well as a 7 and 3-year-old. He has marveled over the past year at the efforts of his wife, who works from home, manages the remote schooling responsibilities and is taking college classes.

He also admires the efforts of all of the Southern California businesses who have managed to get through the pandemic intact.  He enjoys the opportunity of seeing their success up close. “If you can get past this, you’re going to make it,” he says.

High-Quality Service and a “Breath of Fresh Air”

Route Service Representative Edward Uribe is the newest member of our team and also an industry veteran, who says that after nearly eight years of working for a big national provider, the family atmosphere at Budget is a “breath of fresh air.”

Among other things, Uribe says he does not miss the pressure to meet sales quotas that came with his previous role. He also likes the efficiency with which Budget ensures that the right products are available and loaded for timely delivery, enabling him to earn his customers’ trust, instead of having to deliver apologies or excuses.

Uribe is a Southern California native and a proud U.S. Marine Corp veteran who served in the Gulf War. He is also a cancer survivor who has learned not to waste a lot of time on needless stress. He and his wife have two daughters, ages 16 and 22. When he’s not on the route or spending time with his family, Uribe can be found enjoying one of Southern California’s many golf courses. He also enjoys a game of Texas Hold‘em.

Let Our Team Introduce You to the Benefits of a Local, Family-Owned Work Uniform Provider

We’re very lucky to have added three such dedicated and experienced team members to our crew and we look forward to their continued success in helping our customers across Southern California. We know you’ll enjoy getting to know them as much as we have.

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