Maintenance Supplies You Should Always Have In The Shop

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maintenance Supplies You Should Always Have In The Shop

There’s no question that a person’s environment affects the quality of their work. But in an industrial setting, a messy work environment not only affects productivity, but it can be a health and safety hazard as well. That’s why cleanup and maintenance should never be overlooked.

Your employees look to you to provide them the most productive workplace possible. By having these supplies on hand, you’ll be doing just that.

Mats Help Keep the Work Floor Clean & Safe

Spreading debris indoors is a constant concern. Dirt and grease can stick to someone’s shoes and you don’t want that getting all over the office floors and carpeting. A simple solution is to have mats at the entryways which can even be branded with your company’s logo.

Mats can also help if the work involves equipment that’s sensitive to static electricity. For example, printers and copiers can get jammed because static electricity causes the paper inside to stick together. Having static dissipative mats next to these kinds of office equipment can help prevent those issues.

And it’s not just about keeping the workplace and equipment clean. In some industries, employees may need to stand in one place for long periods. Anti-fatigue mats can help reduce the strain so that they can work more comfortably and more efficiently.  Safety logo mats in your workplace offer a gentle reminder to your employees about the importance of working safely.

Towels Always Come in Handy

If your workplace involves getting your hands dirty, then towels are essential. And you’ll probably need a lot of them. Let’s take automotive towels for example.

From wiping off oil and dirt to making sure a vehicle’s detailing work is spotless, mechanics will need different types of towels for different purposes. Regular shop towels are perfect for general wiping of grease and oil but you’ll need microfiber towels when it comes to detailing a customer’s car. Fender covers may also be needed to help prevent scratches to the vehicle’s body while working under the hood.

There’s a right tool for the job and when it comes to automotive towels.

Sanitary Supplies Are a Necessity

Nowhere is cleanliness more important than in a restroom. It’s place where there’s no excuse for poor sanitation. Not only does it have to look clean, but it must smell clean, too! And the latter is arguably more important than the former.

If the work environment will inevitably get hands dirty, sanitary supplies such as soap and hand sanitizer will always be sought after by your team. It’s simply a must for good health and hygiene.

The same goes for restroom supplies. After all, who wants to run out of toilet paper when it’s needed the most? Add in an air freshener to help keep undesirable aromas from lingering.

Every piece of equipment needs to be maintained to keep it in good running condition. The same care given to those tools should be extended to the people using them. It may seem like a big task but that’s where we can help.

Budget Uniform Rental also provides maintenance rental programs. From weekly delivery of towels and restroom supplies to providing static dissipative, anti-fatigue and even logo branded mats, these programs are tailor-made for your needs.

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