Maintaining a Healthy Workplace in Essential Businesses

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

With schools canceled across the country, social distancing guidelines in place, and health care staff working overtime, you may be wondering how best to keep yourself and your employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The government has urged all Americans who can work remotely to do so. But for some businesses, that’s just not possible. We are committed to the ongoing support of our customers, many of whom are essential businesses, where the uninterrupted delivery of clean and sanitized uniforms, restroom supplies and floor mats is critical.

We’re Fully Operational and Committed to Hygiene

Budget Uniform is open for business and ramping up our efforts to help keep the novel coronavirus out of your workforce. We have put additional safety measures into place to protect our team and yours, including temperature checks for all of our employees. Once cleared, our route delivery service representatives are dispatched wearing sanitized uniforms and gloves.

Our business, which includes customers in sensitive industries like food manufacturing, health and nutraceuticals, is always aligned with high standards of health and safety, including practices around garment sanitizing and the prevention of cross contamination. We’re also taking no chances with anyone who fees ill, regardless of their symptoms.

We recognize that our support of our customers is essential under ordinary circumstances and we do not intend to let them down in the face of all the other challenges they are managing now.

During these next few weeks, Budget will be conducting all customer meetings through a virtual platform, ensuring that customer service and responsiveness is maintained, while creating a safe working environment for all.

Gear Up Against the Novel Coronavirus

A recent study shows that the novel virus can live on surfaces for up to three days, including on door handles, counters, and even clothes.

To kill the virus, garments must be washed in at least 140-degrees Fahrenheit temperatures with strong detergents – a standard that home washing machines cannot meet. Home laundering of work uniforms, while never a great idea, is incredibly risky while the coronavirus threat continues.

Since the spread of the virus, we have added the sanitizing temperature and laundry processes we use for our uniforms to our processes for mat laundering as well. Everything we launder is processed with virus-killing temperatures and detergents.

This is always critical for those who work in the food and health industries, for whom HACCP compliant uniforms keep both employees and customers safe.

Floor mats, which are regularly laundered and sanitized, are also a key part of controlling the spread of dirt and germs in the workplace and can trap dust and contaminants if not properly maintained. Maintenance and restroom supplies also ensure that you remain stocked up on critical handwashing supplies.

We’re Here to Keep You Safe 

Budget Uniform is a local, independent, family-owned business, and part of a larger family of customers and prospective customers throughout the Southern California community. We’re in this with you and your safety is our highest priority.

Please reach out if we can help.

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