Is It Time to Change Your Floor Mats?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Floor mats can be a cost-effective way to improve safety, comfort and appearance in the workplace, but it starts with high-quality mats and a system of regular upkeep, cleaning and repair. Are your floor mats doing the job?  Here are some signs that it may be time for new mats.

High quality floor mats can help minimize the chances of  slip and fall injuries, decrease dust and dirt within your organization, and help improve the overall health and safety of your work environment.

But it’s not enough to just buy a stack of floor mats from your local office supply retailer; best results come with high-quality commercial mats that are professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule.

When Should You Replace Your Mats?

Don’t wait until you’ve had a slip and fall injury to replace your old and fraying mats. It’s not just dangerous; an ineffective mat is a pipeline of dirt and debris tracked into your workplace.

Here are some telltale signs that it’s time for a new mat:

  • Are the edges curled? This may indicate that the backing of the mat is wearing through, which can cause the mat to lose its grip or to bunch up, creating a slip and fall hazard.
  • Can you still see your logo? Fading is a sign that your mat is ready for replacement and may no longer trap and dirt and debris effectively.
  • Are the mats slipping? Rubber backing on mats breaks down over time and, if not replaced accordingly, can end up causing, rather than preventing, an accident.
  • Are your employees complaining of back pain? Anti-fatigue mats are highly effective at helping to reduce physical stress in employees, but if your team is showing strain, look to the ground. Old mats provide little comfort.
  • Is there dirt underneath the rug? By design, scraper mats trap dirt and grim on the surface to protect the floor underneath, but if your floors are showing signs of grime, it’s probably time for a new mat.

A good rule of thumb is to check your mats each year for signs of aging. The longevity of your mats depends on the type of materials, design of the mat and your system for upkeep and cleaning.

While some mats can last for upwards of 5 years, others can wear out within the first 12 months.

What is a Mat Rental Program?

At Budget, we provide a full-service mat rental program designed to keep your mats clean and in good repair year-round. It starts with mats that are well-made, durable and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute – and it includes the regular pick-up, cleaning, repair and replacement of mats.

Unlike home mats, heavily trafficked commercial mats require a diligent system of upkeep and cleaning. An effective workplace mat system also includes a variety of different mats designed for the job they have to do. A busy entryway is a great spot for a scraper mat with a durable ridged surface for preventing dirt and debris from being tracked in. Anti-fatigue mats can help prevent stress and strain on workers who stand for extended periods of time. Logo mats are a great way to flaunt your brand and keep interior floors clean.

The Budget team can help you identify the right mats for every location throughout your business.

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