Uniforms for the Installation Service Industry

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Uniforms for the Installation Service Industry

A big part of streamlining your company and establishing your brand is by ensuring your employees, and associates out in the field, are wearing company uniforms. This will help to build trust with your existing and potential customers because they will be able to identify your workers. It presents an image of consistency and reliability which brings cohesion to your business. Companies that have their employees wear uniforms appear established, unified and exude professionalism. Creating a corporate culture through uniform attire gives your employees a sense of belonging to a team and lets your customers know that you are a business they can rely on. Uniforms are a great way to advertise your business.

There are many different types of companies that benefit from work uniforms, including window installation, solar installation, and commercial cleaning. If your business provides off site or in-home services, the best way for the workers to be identified and for your company to be represented is by have them wear work uniforms. Most work uniforms are made of durable material that hold up to wear and tear. In various installation and cleaning fields, everyday street clothing can easily get ruined or tear. When your employees are out performing multiple jobs, you don’t want their clothes looking tattered or torn. The dependable material of work uniforms will protect your company’s reputation by keeping your employees looking presentable.

Facility maintenance companies greatly benefit from renting work clothing specifically because of the employee’s exposure to a heavy soil work environment. Protective gloves and shoes are often used in the field and using durable clothing and uniforms is also important to your employee’s well-being.

Many uniform rental service providers offer a repair and replace policy if the uniform is stained, snagged or ripped. If you’ve purchased uniforms, your company is responsible for the cost of repair and replacement. Certain jobs can cause significant amounts of wear and tear and the costs can add up significantly.  When work uniforms are rented, they can be laundered on in a timely manner which means you can guarantee each uniform is cleaned and maintained properly.

Another great benefit to renting uniforms is the inclusiveness felt by the employees. Using standardized clothing creates a team environment and can reduce competitiveness in the workplace by promoting unity. Providing clothing and laundering services for workers is a great fringe benefit. In today’s competitive work environment, it is very difficult to attract qualified new hires.  You can gain an edge over your competition by offering this low-cost benefit to potential candidates.

An easy way to establish your company as a leader in its field is by using work uniforms. Renting work clothing will set your business and employees apart from the competition, and bring more to the bottom line. Work uniforms represent trust, credibility and identity for customers while offering acceptance, stability and support for employees. Renting work uniforms is an efficient way to protect your employees, establish your brand, advertise your services and expand your business.

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