Industrial Soy Soap Is Hard on Grime, Easy on Hands

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Industrial Soy Soap Is Hard on Grime, Easy on Hands

At Budget Uniform Rental, we send our freshly-cleaned work uniforms out on some pretty dirty jobs. That’s why many of our uniform rental clients are also fans of our Soy Natural Industrial Hand Cleaner, which removes grease, grime and even ink with a skin-friendly formula that won’t clog your sinks.

The Secret: Ground Walnut Shells

The soap works with soybean-based, water-activated ingredients that include ground walnut shells to gently clean and exfoliate, leaving skin clean and moisturized. Soy Natural is easy on the skin, but also effective at removing the grease, oil and heavy-duty grime that comes with the job for many industrial and service workers.

Your employees will appreciate the difference. Many industrial hand cleaners are harsh and drying, leaving skin clean but battered. Some use a powder-based mixture shared from a container that can spread germs from one employee to the next.

Soy Natural Industrial Hand Cleaner provides deep cleaning from a no-mess dispenser. And like all of the maintenance products and restroom supplies we offer our work uniform clients, Soy Natural is also cost effective.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits of soy soap from Budget Uniform include:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Biodegradable
  • Water-activated
  • Solvent and dye free
  • Skin conditioning

Try It for a Week on Us

If you’re a Budget Uniform Rental client and you’d like to try Soy Natural Industrial Hand Cleaner for yourself, contact us for a week’s free sample.

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