Importance of Uniforms in the Food Handling Industry

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Importance of Uniforms in the Food Handling Industry

Uniforms in the food handling industry are made for comfort and function. They are made to keep the employee clean, hygienic, and to protect them (as well as the food products they handle) while working with certain machines.

So why is the work uniform so important? Because there is a need for quality control in preventing cross contamination, which keeps the business running. Food manufacturers don’t want to have a production line issue and be shut down because someone had something on their clothes that got into the food. That could cost the company lots of money and affect the company image and brand.

Where to Get Uniforms for Work

There are many places that sell uniforms directly to the employee. However, what many employers are considering instead is uniform rental. There are companies such as Budget Uniform Rental, for example, that rent food processing uniforms, as well as provide laundry services and cleaning supplies that will meet or even surpass what the industry is required to do. These types of companies are in the business to help keep you and your food stay safe.  When choosing a uniform rental company, it is important that the uniform company washes its uniforms in a process that kills germs and protects people from getting sick and costing you money.

Los Angeles Food Manufacturing Industry

There are plenty of manufacturing companies in Southern California. They include foods from bread, to beer, to other freshly prepared items. L.A. County is the #1 international trade center of the U.S. There’s a lot of businesses that need uniforms. There are many overseas companies that have set up hubs in Los Angeles as well, which helps the businesses to be prosperous.

Over four years ago, there were over 30,000 employees in the food manufacturing industry in L.A.—and since then that number has only grown. Think of companies such as Nestle and Anheuser Busch. These are big brands that serve the entire globe. Imagine if one of them was afflicted with disease due to contamination from a dirty uniform. That would be a huge financial problem on the company, potentially affecting the local economy in that area until the situation could be rectified.

How Uniforms Protect the Employee

Besides protecting the customers—end users of the food products—the uniforms also protect the employees wearing them. The uniforms are manufactured to keep pockets below the waist and eliminate buttons, thereby eliminating things that can either fall in the food or can get caught on machinery causing the employee to become injured.

Having a uniform that is provided to the employee and having certain guidelines, protects not only the employees but the company as well. Without these restrictions and recommendations, it’s likely that more people would be sick, and more employees wouldn’t be as safe. That is why these uniforms are important, to protect everyone from the beginning to the end of the line.

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