How Floor Mat Systems Create a Safer, Happier Work Environment

Thursday, November 21, 2019

“A little dirt never hurt anyone” may have been true when you were a kid, but as a business owner, dust and grime can be a damaging force.

When a research study asked consumers what they looked at when judging cleanliness, 42% answered “floors.”

However, keeping your floors clean isn’t just about making things look good. Mats can impact the health and safety of your employees, not to mention the productivity of your entire business. When dirt accumulates within a workspace, it can create safety and health issues.

The good news is, taking care of dust and dirt early on can result in significant cost savings. According to Cleaning & Maintenance Management, each dollar spent keeping dirt out of a building saves up to $10 in cleaning costs.

Multi-Use Mats Lead to Increased Productivity

For a simple, multi-functional solution that can help keep your floors clean and your employees comfortable, consider a high-quality floor mat system. At Budget Uniform Rental, we offer a variety of mat solutions:

  • Standard mats catch dust and dirt before it can contaminate working spaces. We offer a variety of sizes depending on your needs
  • Anti-Fatigue mats create a more comfortable, ergonomic working environment for employees who spend time on their feet, decreasing risk of injury and improving productivity
  • Scraper mats are composed of grease-resistant rubber, designed to remove even the toughest spots of grime from shoes
  • Logo mats are custom-made, colorful mats that we can help you design

A high-quality floor mat is a multipurpose solution. It can keep your workplace safe and clean, help prevent falls and slips, protect customers from dust and dirt, and – in the case of anti-fatigue mats – can increase the productivity of your team members.

“You can’t put a price tag on the impact on people’s lives,” says a representative from our mat supplier. With advanced technology, anti-fatigue mats go beyond an aesthetic or hygienic purpose; they can improve employees’ quality of life and prevent injuries from occurring.

A Full-Service Mat Rental Program

At Budget Uniform Rental, our standard rental mats are durable, high quality, and hassle-free. Woven from high-quality fibers, the mats are designed to trap dirt and soil, keeping it from spreading throughout the workspace. Underneath, rubber grips create a slip-resistant surface that ensures that the mat will stay in place, helping to minimize the risk of “slip and fall” injuries.

With our full-service mat maintenance program, you never have to worry about keeping them clean and in good repair. We pick them up for professional laundering and return them cleaned – not merely shaken out.

Carpeting the path to a safer, cleaner, and more comfortable environment has never been easier. Whether you want decorative branded mats or a simple solution for keeping dirt out, Budget Uniform can provide the perfect mat solution to your company’s needs.

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