High Quality Work Uniforms with Extra Cheese

Monday, July 2, 2018

High Quality Work Uniforms with Extra Cheese

At Budget Uniform, we deliver high-quality work uniforms and unmatched customer service, with all the toppings.

Our customers will tell you that’s not completely a metaphor. Because we also deliver pizza from time to time.

Because who doesn’t love a good pizza? And because as a third-generation, family-owned Southern California business, we have a different relationship with the people who wear our uniforms. They’re more than just our customers; they’re part of our community.

So when we show up every once in a while with a giant stack of pizzas at lunch time, it’s more than just a way of saying “thank you” to our customers. It’s a way of acknowledging our deep respect for the people who wear our uniforms. We know how hard they work and we know the pride they take in their work, because it’s the way we work too.

Wearing Our Reputation on Other People’s Sleeves

Our clients go to work every day in a wide variety of industries. They bring it – to the auto dealership, to the manufacturing plant, to the laboratory and to dozens of other work places across Southern California, day after day. They do it with diligence and pride.

Our relationship with them goes way beyond their work uniforms; that’s our reputation they’re wearing.

It’s a reputation built by three generations of family members who ran this business by a principle that still drives us every day: Our job is to make our clients’ jobs easier, so that they can go about the hard work of building and growing their businesses without having to worry about their work uniforms. That’s what we deliver, along with the occasional pizza at a customer appreciation event.

A Local Uniform Provider is a Provider You Can Get on the Phone

Our clients will tell you how hard we work to meet their needs, no matter how big their businesses are. Many of them came to Budget from big national uniform companies where getting things exactly right never seemed to be that high a priority. Our clients will tell you how different their experience with Budget has been. We work hard to be different, and it’s probably no coincidence that we count a sizable number of family-owned businesses among our clients.

They know better than most about the advantages of working with a company that has put down roots. Our clients know where to find us. They know the phone number of the CEO. They know all the best places to get a pizza delivered in the Los Angeles area. If you can’t say the same thing about your work uniform provider, it’s time to find a new work uniform provider.

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