The Hidden Costs of Cutting Your Work Uniform Program

Friday, September 18, 2020

In a challenging economy, business owners can be tempted to cut costs without thinking through the potential consequences or impact on the company’s reputation.

Hidden costs of eliminating a uniform program can snowball into an expensive mess if you don’t consider these calculations:

  • Each employee needs 5 shirts and pants purchased up front, including the added cost of attaching their personal name and your company emblem.
  • Lost and damaged shirts and pants can be costly to replace and repair.
  • Employees may resent the added responsibility of washing and repairing their own uniforms without an increase in pay.
  • Damaged shirts and pants may not be repaired quickly resulting in a sloppy and unprofessional image.
  • Added difficulty of ensuring that employees are taking proper care of their garments and ensuring that laundering meets hygienic standards.

Don’t Let A Do-it-Yourself Project Turn into a Do-Yourself-In Result

In the quest to stay competitive, taking risks by cutting the wrong type of costs can be a mistake. If you lose one customer, how much does that cost you? Do-it-yourself disasters can occur if you do not consider the long-term, unintended consequences of cost-cutting measures.

Customers in the age of COVID-19 do not tolerate sloppiness and uncleanliness. How will they respond to attire that is not consistently clean and professional?

Outsourcing to a full-service work uniform partner not only provides a polished, consistent image, it relieves your employees of the burden of washing and maintaining the uniforms themselves.

Want to Impress Customers?

Smart companies look to the future and work hard to retain customers in order to remain prosperous. Delivering exceptional value and customer service holds more potential for impressing customers than making your company look like a sinking ship with cost-cutting. Snap decisions made in an attempt to be competitive can have dangerous and unintended consequences as customers and employees lose faith in the ability of the business to succeed.

Reap the Benefits of a High-Quality Work Uniform Partner

Industrial laundry services are highly effective at removing pathogens for better safety and hygiene. At Budget Uniform, our company handles all the ordering, sizing, upkeep, and laundering while providing weekly, reliable delivery of clean uniforms and pick-up of soiled ones.

The right work uniform program might even save you money. Contact us for a free audit of your work uniform invoice and we can let you know if you are getting what you are paying for and what you really need.

At Budget Uniform, we have provided high-quality, reliable, cost-effective services since 1959 to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, pest control, maintenance, food processing, and air condition and heating repair.

Don’t sell the value of your brand short. Let it shine with a professional uniform service. Contact us today to request a quote.

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