How Clean is Enough? In Some Industries, Heightened Standards for Health, Safety and Work Uniforms Have Long Been the Norm

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Learn how HACCP-compliant work garments protect against viral, bacterial and environmental threats to manufactured products and the workers who make them.

While many businesses are adjusting to heightened standards of “clean” as the result of the COVID-10 pandemic, defending against the threat of contamination in the food processing industry is not part of any “new normal.”

It’s standard practice in the face of a threat that is always waiting to take advantage of lapses in processes, protection or vigilance. Whether bacterial, viral, or environmental, threats to the safety and purity of food and health products, as well as to the safety of employees, are a year-round reality that the receding COVID-19 threat does not eliminate.

HACCP-Compliant Work Garment for Worry-Free Food and Health Manufacturing

HACCP-compliant garments and laundering processes are a critical tool in the effort, designed to help protect against the threat posed both by harmful microorganisms and other harmful materials and debris that can be introduced into the production line, as well as to maintain FDA compliance. HACCP garments are laundered under processes that include water temperature, detergency and rinse process guidelines designed to kill harmful microorganisms, and handled using protocols designed to prevent cross-contamination.

At Budget, our food processing lab coats are Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant to ensure, the health and safety of both workers and products.

HACCP-Compliant features include:

  • Fitted styling to prevent spills
  • Knit cuffs to protect the product from coming in direct contact with the food-handling worker
  • No pockets, which can trap bacteria or allow objects to fall into the production area
  • Snap closures: Buttons can fall off, contaminate products and ruin a production run. Snaps also make for quick garment removal after spills.
  • Special laundering and handling to avoid cross-contamination
  • Specific water temperature and rinse processes to ensure conditions that will loosen soil and kill disease-causing microorganisms
  • Durable construction that can withstand frequent washing

As an added measure of diligence and safety, Budget Uniform is also certified as Hygienically Clean under a rigorous program of facility inspection and third-party laboratory testing established by the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA).

A Local, Family-Owned Work Uniform Provider You Can Rely On

And of course, the best-made and most compliant work uniform garments would be of little value without the service and reliability of a trusted partner behind them. At Budget Uniform we are committed to providing a work uniform program our clients in the food industry – and a wide variety of others – never have to think about, with consistent, responsive and cost-effective services.

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