Harnessing the Power of Sunlight for Antiviral Sanitation

Monday, June 1, 2020

As California cautiously returns to work, many companies remain concerned about the ongoing health and safety of their employees.

At Budget Uniform, providing our customers across Southern California with safe and sanitary work uniforms and supplies is not a new priority, but it’s one that we are always subjecting to new ideas and additional scrutiny.

In the latest addition to our growing arsenal of antiviral tools, we have added two types of ultraviolet (UV) light sanitation technology to protect the safety of our employees and customers.

Our UV Max light system stands over 6 feet tall and can sanitize our larger trucks and plant equipment in under 10 minutes. For our smaller trucks we use spray foggers for sanitizing. Additionally, we have installed UV technology into our HVAC systems to provide purified air in our facility.

How Does It Work?

There are three types of UV light produced by the sun: UVA, UVB, and UVC.

When you lounge outside on a sunny day or gaze longingly into your SAD lamp, you’re primarily exposing yourself to UVA and UVB. The third type, UVC, is filtered out through the Earth’s atmosphere – and good thing, as it can cause severe damage to our skin and eyes.

However, UVC is highly effective at killing organic material, including known coronaviruses such as MERS.

UV Light is Effective on Surfaces, Not Skin

While concentrated UV rays can be damaging to human tissues, UVC lamps are commonly used to disinfect lab equipment, medical equipment, drinking water systems, and more. UVC disrupts the genetic material inside microbes and viruses, disinfecting surfaces and creating a pathogen-free environment.

Keeping restrooms well-stocked and encouraging proper hygiene among employees is key in establishing a safe environment as California returns to work. But the right work uniform program can provide an additional layer of protection.

In addition to providing sanitized uniforms, our team members can provide contactless pickup and delivery of uniforms and supplies, maintaining social distance from your workers while still providing the support you need. And with our UV Max light system and spray foggers, the trucks are pathogen-free and safe for transportation.

Regular Disinfecting of Trucks and Equipment

Through a combination of vaporized hydrogen peroxide fogging and UVC lamps, we are performing regular sanitization of our trucks, equipment, and plant. We have further increased our safety measures with the addition of:

  • Twice-a-Day Cleaning in our offices and the replacement of door handles with foot operating door openers in high-traffic areas
  • Social Distancing and decreased contact with our employees who can work from home, such as our executive team
  • PPE Gear for our employees, including cover garments, face coverings, gloves, safety glasses, and more

And as always, our detergents and industrial laundering processes utilize formulations and water temperatures that kill viruses, including coronavirus.

As a family-owned business, we place a very high priority on our work family as well. And we know we are an important part of your efforts to take care of your team members too.

With these latest additions to our health and safety efforts – which include Hygienically Clean certification – we can deliver uniforms and supplies with an even higher level of confidence that we are taking every precaution.

Our commitment to safety remains steadfast as, together, we continue to maintain a safe and careful workplace. Reach out to us through the link below to learn more about our services.

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