Details Make the Difference in a Work Uniform Program You Can Trust

Friday, June 14, 2019

On the home page of our website, we ask a very important question: “Is Managing Work Uniform Problems Your Second Job?” If the answer is “yes,” you know how important attention to detail is when it comes to keeping a work uniform program running smoothly. And how much time it takes away from focusing on your real job when a work uniform provider isn’t doing theirs.

At Budget Uniform, we know it isn’t enough to simply provide uniforms. We’re in business to provide uniform solutions that leave your employees ready to work day after day: safely, comfortably and in uniforms that convey the same professionalism and attention to detail you put into building your business.

Managing Your Work Uniform Program to the Last Detail

Our service is built around a key idea: We don’t believe our clients should ever have to worry about their work uniforms. That’s our job, from ensuring that employees have the right uniform for the job, to ensuring that uniforms consistently arrive on time, complete, clean, and in good repair. Here’s how:

  • We start by providing comfortable, well-fitting uniforms that meet or exceed industry standards. Our uniforms are designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries: manufacturing, food handling, outdoor maintenance, transportation & warehousing, HVAC/ plumbing, agriculture, facility maintenance and service industries. We also have a stylish line of corporate image apparel.
  • We provide uniform lockers to minimize contamination and streamline delivery. In food handling environments, the lockers can be equipped with sloping tops and an elevated base to keep them free of debris and allow for thorough cleaning beneath and around them. Lockers are an important link in the process of maintaining meticulous hygiene practices, which include industry-specific practices around keeping garments separated.
  • A meticulous system of inspection, repair and replacement keeps uniforms looking good week after week.
  • We provide access to a client portal where you can log in to see which uniforms were turned in and track progress and delivery.
  • We offer transparent and detailed billing. There are no surprises. Just great quality products and excellent customer service at an agreed-upon rate.

A Work Uniform Provider Who Gets it Right

This attention to detail has won us new and loyal clients. There’s a reason why the service manager for a major auto dealership in Pasadena called us the best uniform company he has ever worked with.

It came down to the details. The dealership’s previous providers left problems ranging from missing garments to “dilapidated” uniforms unresolved. Week after week, it was the client who had to worry about the details.

“I’ve worked with every national uniform provider in the country and Budget is the only one who can get that right,” the manager told us.

He’s not alone. Our clients can’t help but notice all of the little details that differentiate our service from the companies they used before.  “We would not go back to them after our experience with Budget Uniform,” says another client.

We love to hear that. But exceeding the expectations of clients whose previous providers often left them managing their own work uniform programs is kind of a low bar. We’re not satisfied with just doing better than our competitors. We want our clients  so happy with their work uniform service that they never have to give it a thought, let alone have to sweat the details.

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