Our CEO Does Some of His Best Work On the Road

Monday, September 10, 2018

Our CEO Does Some of His Best Work On the Road

When you’re running a local business that has been in your family for three generations, you can’t measure your success just by looking at a balance sheet. You’ve got a reputation to live up to. Your customers are part of your community.

With all of that riding on his shoulders, it’s no wonder that Budget Uniform CEO Steve Shrager occasionally feels the need to hit the road.

His version of a road trip? Riding along with one of our route service representatives, meeting customers and getting a first-hand look at what our work uniform service looks like in action. “There’s only so much you can learn from inside an office,” Shrager says. “When your customers tend to be happy, they’re not necessarily going to tell you about the little ways that things could be improved.” Continual improvement requires a closer look.

“I get to see what we do great, but also where we fall short,” Shrager says.

A Work Uniform Provider Where the CEO Gets His Hands Dirty

Shrager’s quarterly ride-alongs have produced some subtle, but well-appreciated tweaks to our service. He once observed that the sturdy plastic carts we were using to roll laundry in and out weren’t always easy to maneuver off the trucks and through narrow corridors. So we switched to smaller, lighter, canvas carts that are more maneuverable and a better fit in tight spaces. It was a small thing, but it made things better for our clients and for our route representatives.

His interactions and observations have also brought about improvements in training, inventory, safety and timeliness.

“You can always do more,” Shrager says.

Shrager likes the opportunity that being on the route provides to hear directly from his customers. Newer customers occasionally mistake him for a new route service representative. “No,” our representatives inform them. “That’s the owner of the company.” They sometimes require a little convincing.

Shrager also uses his time on the route to catch up with his route representatives and learn about what’s going on their lives. That’s not just Shrager being a great boss – that’s Shrager establishing lines of communication. By spending time in their rolling “offices”, Shrager ensures that  Budget employees do not hesitate to drop into his – with concerns, with questions, with ideas for improvement. That’s a cornerstone of the first-rate customer service that has made Budget Uniform the work uniform provider of choice in Southern California.

Do You Know Who’s Running Your Work Uniform Service?

That it’s also a pretty good place to work is not a coincidence.

If you don’t know the CEO of your work uniform provider, maybe you’re the one being taken for a ride.

At Budget Uniform, we’re different and it shows. Call us, or click on the link below to find out what a genuine commitment to customer service looks like.

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