Budget Team Member Spotlight: Meet Alex Cuevas

Friday, March 6, 2020

At Budget Uniform, we choose our team members as carefully as our clients choose their work uniform provider. So, we’re pretty excited that our newest team member will be completing his training in June to move into the role of Service Manager.

Alex Cuevas joined the Budget team in November after an 11-year career working for one of the big national uniform companies. In his new role at Budget, Cuevas will manage our district managers, overseeing our route delivery personnel across a broad swath of Southern California.

An Experienced Uniform Industry Representative

Cuevas began his career in the industry as a route service delivery person and has also worked in outside sales, but his heart, he says, is in the service side of the business.

At Budget, he says he particularly enjoys the experience of working for a family-owned business whose customer list also includes a lot of other family-owned businesses.

“I love it,” Cuevas says. “The family atmosphere” is a big difference, Cuevas said. “The owner is down the hall and I can talk to him anytime.”

Cuevas says there is a much more personal investment in the work when you and your clients are all part of the same community.  He loves the personalized service that Budget is able to provide.

Budget CEO Steve Shrager “goes out on calls and sees customers personally,” said Cuevas. “You’re not going to get the CEO of a national company to go out and visit a small business customer.”

Cuevas is a Los Angeles native who lives in Huntington Beach with his wife and four daughters, ages 18, 12, 4 and 2.

When he isn’t working, he loves spending time at the beach with his family and boogie boarding.

Is Your Work Uniform Program As Good as It Could Be?

If your work uniform program leaves you still worrying, give us a call and learn about the kind of high-quality personalized service we provide to our clients across Southern California.

We can provide an audit of your services to determine if you’re getting what you should be.

  • Are you getting all of the uniforms and supplies you’re paying for, on time, and in good condition?
  • Do you worry that your floor mats are being returned without having undergone a thorough cleaning?
  • Do you have to spend time trying to track down missing uniforms?

If you’ve got a work uniform rental program that has you still managing your work uniforms, you have the wrong work uniform provider. Our audit includes a review of your delivery ticket and a walk-through of your premises to determine if you’re getting what you need and what you’re paying for.

You might be surprised to learn how often we come across problems like missing floor mats, missing garments or uniforms in poor condition.

At Budget, our clients don’t have to worry about whether their employees are able to go to work in high quality, well-maintained work uniforms that arrive on time, in good condition and in the correct quantity.

At Budget, our clients don’t have to think about their work uniform program because that’s our job.

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