Are You Missing Work Uniforms from Your Provider?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Are You Missing Work Uniforms from Your Provider?

When you decide to invest in work uniforms, you’re investing in the safety, hygiene and morale of your employees as well as the professionalism of your image. That is why nothing makes the blood boil of employers more than when their provider loses their work uniforms – especially when they are charged for it.

What’s especially egregious is that losing work uniforms is almost entirely preventable when the work uniform provider invests in the right equipment, people and process.

Budget Uniform offers an exemplary track record of delivering all of your work uniforms, every week. When a mistake does occur, we resolve it to your satisfaction and take action so that it does not happen again. Here’s how.


While the average tenure of national work uniform providers is 18 months, the average tenure of our route service reps is nine years.

Additionally, we are an independent work uniform provider serving Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire since 1959. The buck stops with president/CEO Steve Shrager who represents the third generation of ownership. We strive to respond to customers within two hours of your inquiry to our office.


The national work uniform providers all have multiple facilities: a central production facility with branch locations and sometimes additional warehouses in-between. This makes it challenging for the nationals to know where anyone’s uniforms are at any given time.

We have one facility. Because we’ve invested in equipment and our employees, our centralized structure further reduces the possibility of lost work uniforms and also help to ensure the timeliness of deliveries because it’s from our facility to yours without multiple stops in-between.

Road Service Example

A Los Angeles-based road service company recently awarded their work uniform contract to us because they were sick of a national provider losing their uniforms, and failing to be in communication to resolve the many service issues.

If you’re not happy with your work uniform provider because of lost uniforms or other issues, contact us to learn about what we can do for you.

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