Are You Happy with Your Work Uniform Supplier?

Friday, March 30, 2018

Are You Happy with Your Work Uniform Supplier?

G&K Services and Ameripride were acquired recently by billion dollar, publicly held companies. Have you lost your driver, experienced any service interruptions and found questionable billing? Are you happy with their work uniform, floor mat and restroom supply service?

If your work uniform provider is falling short, now is a great time to consider switching to Budget Uniform Rental.

We are one of the only independent work uniform rental companies serving Los Angeles, and we provide a higher level of service than any of the national providers in the area.

5 Reasons to Consider Budget

For the last 59 years, Budget has provided work uniform rental excellence. We help ensure that your employees look great in front of customers, work safely and are productive.

Of the many reasons to use our work uniform rental service, here are the top 5:

  1. We are family-owned (three generations) and headquartered in Gardena
  2. Our process ensures that we never lose one of your uniforms
  3. We provide a higher level of service with a more personalized approach than any national supplier
  4. We are HACCP certified
  5. We offer a complete service guarantee

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Just ask any of our customers (we can provide references). Companies that have used a national work uniform rental provider are more satisfied when using our service when it comes to quality of personnel, product quality, fair billing, and value for cost.

Market Measurement recently interviewed work uniform rental customers currently using an independently-owned uniform provider as well as those using a national chain and found that 74% of the independent providers’ customers would “absolutely renew” their uniform service agreement in the next few months, compared to 52% of national chain clients.

Who will you renew with?

How an Invoice Review Will Save You Money

Contact us for a review of your current work uniform program. We will identify how much you will benefit by switching. Even if you decide not to switch, we will identify ways you can save money by identifying erroneous charges and if you’re being shorted – national providers often lose uniforms or charge you for more mats than you’re actually using.

Contact Us for a Free Audit of Your Uniform Rental Invoices