Aramark Acquires AmeriPride & What This (Really) Means for You

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Aramark Acquires AmeriPride & What This (Really) Means for You

This month, AmeriPride signed a definitive agreement to merge with work uniform rental behemoth, Aramark Corporation. The sale is expected to close by the end of 2017. Upon completion of the merger, AmeriPride will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aramark, which sounds more like an acquisition to us considering Aramark has annual revenues of over $14 billion while AmeriPride generated $627 million in 2016.

This is just the latest in a recent wave of national work uniform companies buying independents. While their shareholders may win, bigger isn’t always better for you the customer. Here’s why.

The Company Line

According to the AmeriPride website, “This news may come as a surprise, but we are confident this will help strengthen our business and generate additional value for our customers. The merger of the two companies is a good fit and we’re anticipating a smooth transition for everyone.”

“Customers shouldn’t see any meaningful changes to their service and will continue to work with their existing service teams.”

What This Really Means for You

Over the years, we’ve seen many independent work uniform companies swallowed up by Cintas, Unifirst and Aramark. We’ve also heard from customers who say that a different kind of service followed these acquisitions. The complaints include:

  • High turnover among drivers with customers having to train a new delivery person every few weeks along with lots of mistakes and work uniform shortages in the process
  • Billing changes that include surprise charges and multiple increases over the course of the year, even when there is only an annual increase specified by the contract
  • Lack of accountability, due in large part to employee turnover, making it difficult to resolve even small problems let alone uniform shortages and billing issues because it’s hard to find someone with decision-making authority
  • Work uniform shortages, where some uniforms picked up for cleaning are not returned the following week

The Independent Option

If you’d rather experience what a local, independent rental service provider can do for you, consider Budget Uniform Rental for the following reason:

  • We are family-owned for three generations and the buck stops with president/CEO Steve Shrager
  • The average tenure of our route service reps (drivers) is 9 years
  • Our process prevents missing uniforms and other shortages from occurring
  • We strive to respond to customers within two hours of your inquiry to our office
  • We are HACCP compliant
  • We offer a wide range of products for rental: work uniforms, floor mats and restroom supplies

What Will You Do?

Industry research consistently shows that customers are 3-4 times more satisfied when using a local, independent rental service like Budget Uniform versus national chains – especially when it comes to quality of personnel, product quality, fair billing, and value for cost.

What kind of service are you looking for? Contact us for an invoice review to identify how much you can save if you switch to Budget Uniform Rental.

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