A Reputation Built One Customer at a Time

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Reputation Built One Customer at a Time

When we first met Al Ellsworth of Ellsworth Truck & Auto Machining in Anaheim, he was a frustrated man.

The work uniform rental company he was using at the business he has run with his wife Fran for nearly six decades couldn’t seem to get anything right.

Uniforms went out for cleaning and didn’t come back. Or they came back but were still dirty.

Even so, you don’t get to stay in business for 59 years without a little patience. In all those years, Ellsworth had never fired his work uniform provider, even as his uniform provider changed hands four or five times. Then the national provider took over.

Time for a Change

“That’s when it seemed like it got really bad,” he recalls. Ellsworth made numerous attempts to get the company to resolve his work uniform issues.

“Everybody has their problems, but you could never get hold of anybody who could make a decision,” he says. “They didn’t correct the problems. I’d get hold of a supervisor and tell them the problem and they just didn’t care.”

As the owner of a company that prides itself on customers’ needs being met “cheerfully, professionally and on time,” Ellsworth describes the experience in a tone of disbelief.

Finally he’d had enough. “I really, really wanted to make a change,” he said. “Budget showed up at the right time.”

A Different Kind of Uniform Company

Ellsworth says he knew he was dealing with a different kind of work uniform company within a few weeks. For one thing, the uniforms were tip-top. “All new uniforms, new patches. They did exactly what they said they would do,” he said.

That was almost two years ago and today we are happy to say Ellsworth is still a happy Budget customer, renting uniforms, shop towels, mops and mats. His business has changed a bit over the years and today he has six employees –  who look good, in clean, high-quality uniforms, delivered on time. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

“The uniforms are always clean. They aren’t wrinkled,” he said.

More importantly, Ellsworth has a uniform rental provider he can rely on.

“They really are a first-class company,” Ellsworth told our interviewer. “They really truly are. We are small potatoes to them I’m sure, but they treat us like we’re a big client. Their service is fabulous.”

We are glad to hear it, because, like Ellsworth, we can’t imagine doing business any other way. We’re part of the community we serve and we take our commitment to our customers seriously. When you partner with us to provide your uniform rental service, you don’t have to think about your uniform rental service anymore. That’s our job. And we are really good at our job.

Is It Time to Make a Switch?

If you’re not happy with your current uniform provider, contact us for a free, no-obligation audit of your service. We’ll review your invoices, walk through your facilities and tell you if you are getting the uniform rental service you need, at a price that makes sense.

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