A High Quality Work Uniform Company Built on Teamwork

Friday, October 12, 2018

A High Quality Work Uniform Company Built on Teamwork

Our quarterly training meetings are a company tradition.

They’re attended by the sales team, the route service representatives and our department heads. The focus, like pretty much everything we do at Budget Uniform, is customer service. What are we hearing in the field? What could we be doing better?

Everyone participates. There are virtually no jobs at Budget Uniform that aren’t customer-facing in some respect.

The primary point of contact, of course, is the men and women who deliver our uniforms. Our route service representatives are among the best in the industry. How do we know this? Our customers, many of whom have experience as a customer of one of the big national uniform companies, tell us so.

Experience is a key advantage. Our representatives stay on the job; many of them make their careers with Budget. At the national uniform companies, the average tenure is less than a year.

More than a A Uniform Provider – We’re a Work Uniform Team

But as much as we like to brag about our route service representatives, we are convinced that it is teamwork that has made us Southern California’s work uniform provider of choice. No one does it alone.

Our customers know their route service representatives really well. But they also have a district service representative who knows them pretty well too. They might even have the cell phone number of our CEO. No matter who delivers their uniforms, they’ve got a whole company dedicated to their success.

Our quarterly meetings are a reflection of this teamwork, right down to the jerseys that our employees wore at our last “team” themed meeting.

Okay, so there were a few rivalries represented. Los Angeles has more than its share of sports rivalries, but at the end of the day, we’re all on the same team: Team Customer.

That’s what makes Budget Uniform different. We’re not some giant national corporation playing for our investors. We’re playing for you. No matter who our clients see face-to-face, week after week, there’s an entire team behind that person.

What Could You Do With Us on Your Team?

At Budget Uniform, our only goal is to provide you with a work uniform program that you never have to think about. Because that’s our job. You have enough to do. We are a third-generation, family-owned, local work uniform provider. Our customers are part of our community. That’s a whole different game. Just ask our our customers. Or give us a call to learn more about what we can do for your work uniform program.

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