5 Resolutions for a Happier and More Professional Workplace in 2022

Monday, December 27, 2021

Remember how good it felt to kick 2020 to the curb? A year of social-distancing fatigue left us all thinking 2021 was going to rock.

And while it had its moments, looking back, we probably put a little too much pressure on 2021…

But whether you are all in on 2022 or are the more cautiously optimistic type, there’s no reason to leave the outcome completely to chance.

Want to create a happier, healthier, and more professional workplace in 2022? Resolve to put your work uniform headaches behind you.

Here are 5 resolutions that will get you there.

  1. Don’t put up with work uniforms that don’t leave your employees looking and feeling good: We’ve heard the stories: the missing buttons, the lost shirts, the garments that are delivered still dirty. Any provider can make a mistake, but in the work uniform business, these things are a sign that your provider doesn’t care. Providing complete, clean and well-made uniforms on a reliable schedule IS the business. If they can’t do it, find someone who can.
  2. Don’t put up with work uniform service that is unreliable. A work uniform provider that can’t consistently deliver on its promises wastes more than your time – it’s a waste of everyone’s time. When you’ve got a breakdown in a service your employees need to get to work, you’re paying for disruption.
  3. Don’t put up with mystery invoices. While it’s hard to believe this is actually a differentiator – customers who have come to us after leaving one of the big national providers often make a point of how much they appreciate receiving an invoice that contains no surprises. At Budget, it costs what we have agreed it is going to cost; the transparency is free.
  4. Get out of the work uniform business. Sloppy and unreliable work uniform service is more than an aggravation for a business owner. It’s a part-time job. All that time you have to spend troubleshooting is time you could be using to grow your business.
  5. Take advantage of a free work uniform audit. Give us a call and we’ll tell you where your work uniform program could be better. We’ll assess your facility, your needs and your invoices to determine if you’re getting what you are paying for, or if you should be getting more. Hint: You should be getting more.

Get More Out of Your Work Uniform Program

At Budget Uniform, we have been helping Southern California’s hardest working people get to work for six decades. And we’ve done it without compromising our commitment to transparency, reliability and the highest quality customer service.  As an independent, family-owned provider, we have been part of the community we serve for three generations. Our commitment to your success is not a slogan; it’s what motivates us. If you can’t say the same about your work uniform provider, give us a call.

And here’s wishing all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022!

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