4 Ways the Right Work Uniform Provider Can Help Protect the Health of Your Employees

Monday, February 22, 2021

Maintaining a healthy workplace doesn’t stop at the hand sanitizer station. A professional work uniform provider can help with the door-to-door products and practices you need to keep up your defenses against risks to the hygiene, health, and safety of your work environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought renewed focus to the health of employees, with protocols for hygiene that are likely to remain in place for some time. But maintaining a healthy workplace goes beyond the demands of any single health crisis.

Diligent processes for keeping your workplace a healthy and safe place for your employees and your customers are always a good idea, with benefits that can even go to your bottom line.

A reliable work uniform provider can help, beginning with industrial laundering processes that provide a level of hygienic protection that home laundering can’t match. Here are four important ways a work uniform partner can help boost your workplace health and safety efforts.

1. Uniforms Designed for Safety

A uniform rental program offers garments tailored to the demands of the job. From flame-resistant and enhanced visibility uniforms to products for health and food production that meet HACCP standards for hygiene and safety, the right uniform helps increase the safety of workers.

In addition to enhanced processes to protect against the threat of COVID-19, a full-service work uniform provider uses pick-up, laundering and delivery processes that help protect against the serious but more ordinary threat of cross-contamination of uniforms.

2. Hygienic Processes that Do More than “Clean”

High-quality industrial laundering practices go way beyond “clean” with detergent formulas and water temperatures that kill bacteria and viruses. Professionally laundered uniforms also undergo inspection for wear and tear to help ensure that your employees are wearing clean, safe, and hygienic uniforms day after day. At Budget Uniform, Hygienically Clean certification takes our processes a step further, with rigorous third-party facility inspections and microbial testing to ensure the highest standards.

3. The Right System of High-Quality Floor Mats

Slip and fall injuries are more common than you might think, but with the right mat system, you can help prevent accidents. Rubber-backed mats help provide adequate grip for most work environments and trap dirt, debris and allergens that would otherwise be tracked throughout your workplace.

For employees who spend their days standing, anti-fatigue mats are a proven source of both comfort and injury prevention, helping to reduce strains and aches. Budget Uniform provides a full mat rental system in addition to our uniform rental services.

4. Well Maintained Restrooms

From pull dispensers to hand sanitizer, soap, air freshener, and more, restrooms require diligent practices and attention to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. With so many touchpoints, restrooms can be a hotbed for spreading pathogens and, without proper supplies, regularly stocked, restroom hygiene can deteriorate quickly.

A Family-Owned Work Uniform Provider with a Legacy of Supporting California Businesses

Budget Uniform is a local, family-owned and operated company in Southern California dedicated to providing the reliable and responsive service you need to help increase the safety, comfort and professional appearance of your workforce.

We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously. They’re some of the hardest working people in Southern California and we’ve spent six decades helping them get to work, without having to worry about their work unforms. That’s not a legacy we take lightly.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you in your efforts to maintain a safe and healthy workplace with a stress-free program of work uniforms and more.

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