4 Reasons to Choose a Local, Independent Work Uniform Provider

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

When it comes to personalized service, dedicated account managers, and customer satisfaction, national providers often don’t make the grade. Here’s why you should choose a local, independent uniform provider.

As a local, independent, and family-owned and operated work uniform provider, Budget Uniform takes a personalized approach to the job of helping businesses across Southern California get to work each day.

Here are four reasons why you should consider using a local independent provider like Budget Uniform for your work uniform service:

  1. You’re Not Just a Number

At Budget, we know our clients on a first-name basis, and because our company’s roots go back over 60 years, our clients have a way of becoming part of the family. Budget team members go out of their way to ensure that all of our customers get the same high-quality customer service, no matter what size business they have.

  1. Industry Studies Show a Preference for Local

Industry surveys show that customers rank local, family-owned providers higher than national chains for billing practices, product quality, employee quality and value. When you can do business in your own community and get better value for your work uniform investment at the same time, why wouldn’t you?

  1. Commitment That Goes to the Top of the Company

As many of our customers can attest, Budget’s CEO Steve Shrager often joins our reps in the field, dropping in to say hello and make sure that customers are happy with their service. Not only that, Steve often provides his personal cell number. Try getting that kind of responsiveness from a big national provider!

  1. Family-Owned and Local Means Your Provider’s Success is Linked to Yours

As a family-owned and operated organization, we consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ teams and we work hard to ensure that they never have to think about their work uniform service. That’s our job. As part of the Southern California community we serve, our success is linked to our customers’ success – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

60 Years of Personalized Work Uniform Service

Across three generations and seven decades, the Budget family has worked to provide the kind of work uniform service our customers can rely on day after day, with responsive customer service, transparent billing policies and a commitment to the kind of practices our community can be proud of.

We are Hygienically Clean certified by the TRSA, employ an environmentally conscious wash system, and have carefully adapted our services to help protect the health of our clients throughout the pandemic, including the addition of enhanced sanitation processes for our facility and our trucks.

We are proud of the work we do and the reputation we have earned among our customers across Southern California.

For our family, providing the highest quality customer service is more than just good business. It’s personal.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of using a local, family-owned work uniform provider for your business.

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